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Monday 10 December 2012

How to prevent and reduce under eyes bags

Prevent and reduce under eyes bags

Under eyes bags can make you look tired and can minimize the beauty of your eyes. They can be a due to water retentions, hormones, hereditary etc. I want to share some preventative measure to reduce the under eye bags and also some home remedies to get rid of them.

Diet high in salt and caffeine can result in water retention thereby making your face look puffy and bloated which in turns also makes the bags under the eyes more prominent and visible.

Try drinking plenty of water as it not only helps in flushing out the toxins in the body moreover it also keeps a check on the water retention.
Eat a balanced diet that consists of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Try to use a good under eye gel or cream regularly so as to take care of the delicate areas around the eyes.

These are the way that can help you in preventing bags, now let’s move on to the next segment which will help you with some natural remedies that can help in reducing and making bags less visible.

• Dab two cotton balls with some milk and put them on the lids and wait for 10- 15 minutes. I absolutely love this, since I have puffy eyes sometimes when I wake up. It works well and moreover, lactic acid in the milk helps lightening dark circles and removing puffiness and bags.
• Put two spoons at night in the refrigerator and in the morning put them on to your eyes and let them transfer their coolness to your eyes and the surrounding areas. After 10 minutes or so when you feel that they are no colder, remove them. Do this every day or as a quick fix to get rid of them.
• Take tow cucumber slices. Close your eyes. Put them on your eyelids and relax. It gives coolness to the eyes and helps in reducing bags and dark circles or the shadows if you have. If you do not have any of the concerns then also it helps in making eyes bright.

• You can achieve the same results by using tea bags. Caffeine present in them are beneficial for dark circles and bags.

• Potatoes are known to help in getting lightening dark circles and blemishes but it also can be used effectively to reduce the bags as well. Just like the cucumber. Two slices of potato and put them on the eyelids and let them sit for 10- 15 minutes. In the meantime, just lie down, relax and let it work.
Hope it helps and works for you.

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  1. loving the milk remedy. have totally forgotten about the benefits of lactic acid, thanks to this post and I can easily try it out :)

    1. even i do the milk one sometimes as i have puffy eyes.:)

  2. Great article. I have used the tea bag method and it worked wonders. Especially Green tea. :)

  3. Great tips! I've been having sleepless nights thanks to my college assignments and my eyes look really puffy and tired so these will come in handy :D

    1. same here Neha.:)
      I like the milk and cucumber ones.

  4. I know all these are so effective, I want to follow these however I am too lazy to do all these... :-(

  5. very useful post...i want to try the spoon trick :)

  6. Very nice tips! I haven't tried many things.

    1. Thank you Demi, they work quiet effectively.


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