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Tuesday 11 December 2012 online shopping experience online shopping experience
Hello all,
I sharing my experience with the online shopping site called I know this website for quite a long time but have not shopped anything but last week I did tried them so here is my experience with them. This is the tiniest haul in the biggest box :) online shopping

My experience- This site is not a new site for me but it’s just that I have not shopped anything till last week with them. I wanted to get the Maybelline hyper glossy eyeliner soon as did not have the time to go out so I saw it there and quickly ordered it. Later, I saw that it’s available at too. online shopping
Anyways, it’s good that I tried them. On this site most of the products are at very good discounts as compared to the other sites but they have very limited no of products and most of them are always sold out and they take ages to put them back in stock.
They ship for free for the orders above 200 INR and have all the basic modes of payment including cash on delivery.
After placing the order I did not receive the confirmation call as was thinking that may be that has not been processed but they shipped my order within 3 business days.
The days I got it, the same day I received 5 parcels from various sites both prepaid and COD but this one was with the minimum amount and a very small product but the box that they have send it in was huge, it can easily accommodate the small sized laptop or all the products I got that day. :D 

maybelline hyper glossy
Rest of the details about the box, you can see the pictures.
Product was safe inside that huge box with lots of newspapers to keep me updated with the previous happening since i am busy with certain things. :D 
And this is my Maybelline Hyperglossy eye liner. I have already reviewed it in the previous posts.

My take- I am happy with that site and with what I have ordered but I wish they can restock the products soon and if that happens then I would like to shop more with them as they have great deals. online shopping experience Reviewed by Niesha on 12:01 am Rating: 5 online shopping experience Hello all, I sharing my experience with the online shopping site called . I kn...


  1. This website offers great discounts but their restocking takes time- like a lot of time -.- I have been trying to get a nyx nail paint but it's always out of stock -.-

    1. I agree Bhaswati, they take ages to put back the items.:)

  2. Great haul....ya they took ages to restock...

  3. Nice Haul I will check this website soon :)

    1. try them Nandini, if you find something that is in the stock .:))

  4. I have ordered 8 times, i am more than happy !!! They included colorbar products after two day when I had mailed them to add products from colorbar and faces :yahoo:


    1. thats great, i will mail them for nyx products.

  5. Sounds like a pretty good site! I have not tried shopping from them before.. Maybe ill give it a try once :)


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