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Wednesday 5 December 2012

Chambor eyeshadow trio sea shimmer review

Chambor eye shadow Trio Sea Shimmer Review
Hello all,
This is the second Chambor Eye shadow trio that I will be reviewing and swatching for you. I go this around 2-3 months ago and absolutely loved the colors in it. It is called Sea shimmer and as the name suggests it has pretty pearly shimmery green and blue and a chunky glittery gold color.:)

chambor eyeshadow trio palette

Price- 495 INR for 6 gm with three shades
chambor eyeshadow
chambor eyeshadow review

Claims-Long-lasting film forming, Antimicrobial preservative, Perfect payoff, Soft silky, cushiony, rich after feel, Gliding effect, Good blend ability, Skin conditioning, Healing, Satin finish.

chambor shimmer review

My Experience- Its my second one from the Chambor Geneva trio eye shadows. I really liked the colors and that is the reason why I chose this. My first trio was Chambor Mystique with awesome neutral colors.
It has a sturdy packaging with an inbuilt mirror and a dual end sponge applicator. One of the ends of the applicator is smaller so as to get the shadow properly in the corners and with more precision and neatness. But anyways, I have not used it much since I use my eye makeup brushes or I may not be that good with the applicators. :/
It has got three colors: green, teal blue and a golden shadow. Green and the blue ones have pearly satin finish, very easy to apply and blend in. I liked both of them. They indeed are pretty soft to touch and texture is great. 
They aptly justify the name of the trio “sea shimmer”. However, the gold color has very chunky glitters and I have not used it, only swatched it here. I am sure it will look great during the night time. but I feel scared to use those chunky glitters as I have sensitive eyes and feel they can irritate them.:(
I am glad that the other two colors have done the proper justice to the palette and they are supposed to be my favorite colors when it comes to eye shadows. These colors can be used alone or in combination since green and shades of blue makes an amazing combination. 
I also realized that the centre color, yes that pretty teal blue one, it reminds me of the Maxfactor Earth spirits eyeshadow in Ultra aqua, similar color and texture they have. 
Well, this color can have dupes in many brands.
Staying power is average, nothing so special to mention, but not at all bad. I have used them once and they were still there unless I touched them. Staying power can be enhanced by using an eye shadow primer before applying them on the lids. I use the eye primer that was in my Faces Canada eye shadow kit when ever, I do eye makeup.
Here are the swatches: The poor gold chunky shadow is not visible much!
eye shadow palette india

Rating- 3.5 out of 5 (Ingredients are not mentioned is one of the cons)
My take- Decent trio with beautiful pearly satin finish colors, though a little bit expensive, I wish could have been less. Try it if you like the color or an ardent fan of Chambor products. 
Chambor eyeshadow trio sea shimmer review Reviewed by Niesha on 1:00 pm Rating: 5 Chambor eye shadow Trio Sea Shimmer Review Hello all, This is the second Chambor Eye shadow trio that I will be reviewing and swa...


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    1. gorgeous na.. loved them but i have so many similar shades ..:)

  2. Loved the review and swatches Niesh :)

  3. The shades are great, get well soon Niesha :)

  4. pretty shades...get well soon...:)

  5. green and blue shades looks good,only gold shade doesn't look that good :)

  6. Beautiful colours niesha..loved it..
    Aww..get well soon sweethrt :):)

  7. chambor is always overpriced..nice shades

    1. I agree they are for most of their products however, some of them are worth it..:)

  8. nice review niesha...loving the shades....and get well soon xoxo prayati :)

    1. hey Prayati, i am happy to see you back.. where were you?????
      <3 <3

  9. Nice colours!
    I hope you're feeling better.

  10. Hey what happened to you? I wasn't aware tht you are unwell :( I had this in No 17 Naturel and thankfully that did not have any chunky glitter. I was eyeing this one but glad you told about the glitter. I agree these are super soft and smooth on the lids. Never paid attention to staying power as I wasn't much into makeup earlier :)

    1. Nothing, it was just little fever. :)
      Colors are super soft and pearly but the gold one is average.:)

  11. hey niehsa what hapnd review

  12. hey dear all your fav shades na.lovely shades and nice review.

  13. Cool shades

    take care of urself Neisha

  14. Hey hows ur health ...long time , I was away from internet....nice shades...though too light for me..

    1. Fine Tanmayee..:)
      even i was not getting your email update post and later i realized, there was one that went in to the spam box.:))


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