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Friday 14 December 2012

7 Must try hairstyles this winter 2012

New season means new hairstyles to freshen up the look. Hairstyles can be an effective way to jazz up your entire look and of course outfit itself!!
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Let's checkout some hairstyles that can be easily sported both day and night time. 

Amy Adams looks ravishing in her wave like big curls which gives her a more natural and gorgeous look all together paired with the neutral eyes and lips with big popping out lashes.
Appropiate for any occasion.

Eva Longoria’s curly ponytail look with a poof is a must try this season. Just take the front section, backcomb it and spray some hair spray to keep it the way longer. Curl your hair rather loosely and take all the hair high up and tie them all with an elastic. You can also use a piece of hair and wrap it around your hair and then secure the end with some bobby Pins underneath the ponytail. 
hairstyles winter

Evan Rachel woods looks fabulous in that hairstyle and the best is that it is not that difficult to make since it’s a little messy look so don’t have to worry about the neatness, just a bit of hair spray once you complete it can take care of it. Rest the bangs on both sides says it all.

hairstyles 2012
Braided hairstyles are just perfect to cover up those bad hair days. Beyonce in this side braid rocks in her black sequined dress.

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Emma stone is a stunner. Her tied her hair in a low bun with a beautiful hair pin makes her look classic. This hairstyle can be easily teamed up with a bright red lipsticks and subtle smoky eyes. A simple piece of hair accessory can change and glam up the entire look instantly provided it is placed on the right place.
hairstyles 2012

Nina Dobrev made a statement with this fish cum heart shaped braid. She kept the middle parting and it was a ponytail that was later braided. This look can be easily achieved and can team up with low back dress. She looks fab and the braid makes her super glamorous isn’t she???
hairstyles winter 2012

Charlize Theron’s effortless side ponytail hairstyle with side bangs is appropriate for a casual outfit. It is simple yet beautiful.
hairstyles 2012

So, which one is your favorite?

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7 Must try hairstyles this winter 2012 Reviewed by Niesha on 5:14 pm Rating: 5 New season means new hairstyles to freshen up the look. Hairstyles can be an effective way to jazz up your entire look and of course...


  1. Nice Post Yaar I loved the 1st, 3rd and the last one.... :)

  2. really pretty hairstyles, the fishtail braid looks gorgeous I wish my hair was thicker and longer so I could do more with it! x

  3. for me last one.lovely post dear.

  4. heyllo Niesha :)
    thats a nice article i loved the 1st hair style so lovely :) :*

  5. hey .... luv the hairstyles <3 mostly the 1st and last one :)

  6. Great post..loved the first and last style :) easy to try :D


  7. Argh....the theme is to you have to have long hair...too bad I chopped off 7" back on sept.

  8. Hi Niesha.. nice post...I liked the first style.... :)

  9. Nice post :) I liked the first style....:)

  10. My favorite one is the very first pic :-)

  11. I love the first and third photo. I'm jealous!

  12. The first picture is the best :)
    Can't wait to have longer hair so I can style it up that way too!


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