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Wednesday 19 December 2012

10 Best anti aging skin care tips


10 Best anti aging skin care tips
Everybody wants to be attractive with the shining and youthful skin. Now days, people are busy and the factors like stress, sun exposure, lack of sleep and exercise, smoking, nutrients deficiency, pollution etc. speeds up the aging process in the skin. A regular or simple skin care tips should be followed to take care and maintain the beauty of the skin. Here are some home beauty tips and anti aging skin care solutions that can help prevent and cure the aging skin.

1. Water:  It plays a crucial role in beauty. If the skin lost its moisture, it becomes dry. Dry skin displays more wrinkles than normal skin and it would cause the skin to saggy easily.  Also have it in mind that the hydrated skin always looks younger and beautiful.
2. Fruits for aging skin: Pineapple, grapes and avocados can be used to treat the aging skin and to prevent aging. Rub the slices of any of these fruits on the skin, leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. Use any one of the fruit regularly for better result.
3. Best vegetables to treat wrinkles: Papaya, carrot, potato and cucumber are excellent in treating the wrinkles on the skin. Mix any of these mashed vegetable with dry oatmeal, apply this mixture on the skin and wash it off after15 minutes.

4. Honey and lemon: It is a perfect anti-aging combination. Mix it together and apply it as a mask on the required areas to remove the freckles and to protect the youthfulness of the skin. This mixture can be orally intake to improve the texture of the skin.
5. Exfoliation : It is the process of accelerating the new skin growth by removing dead skin cells. Mixture of olive oil & sugar, clay, coffee grounds, plain baking soda are some of the natural exfoliators. It is recommended to exfoliate the skin once in a week.
6. Mask for aging skin: Apply egg white to the skin to maintain its elasticity and to get rid of wrinkles.  Evening primrose, Orange peel powder or Milk can also be applied to keep the skin from aging.
7. Oils to protect the skin from aging: Olive oil, castor oil, almond oil, pomegranate oil, and rosewood oilsare good to cure aging skin. Just wash the face with water and massage it with any of this oil in circular motion. Do it daily to get soft and wrinkle free skin.
8. Essential vitamins and foods: Vitamin A, C, E & essential fatty acids prevents premature aging. Barley, Leafy vegetables, Coconut, Tofu, Ginger, Strawberry, Tuna, Green tea and nuts are some of the best anti-aging foods.Avoid consuming fried, dairy, sugar based foods and processed carbohydrates. Quit the activities like smoking, alcohol drinking and usage of drugs. It would make the skin unhealthy, discoloration and loss in elasticity.
9. Role of sun in aging of skin: It was recently proved that the more or continual exposure of skin to sunlight would result in premature aging. It is also called photo aging. Thus it is advisable to use sunscreen lotion with SPF 15 and wear protective clothes while stepping out in the hot sun.
10. Sleep related skin aging: Lack of sleep not only affects the health, it disturbs the beauty too. It is a well-known fact that the skin cells regenerate itself during sleep.  So adequate sleep would prevent the dark circles, fine lines, bag under the eyes and puffiness of the face. If stress is the problem for insufficient sleep, then it is vital to beat the stress by a suitable technique.
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