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Friday 2 November 2012

VLCC Natural Sciences Rose Face Scrub Review

VLCC Natural Sciences Rose Face Scrub Review

Hi Everyone,

Timely exfoliation is the key to healthy skin and it becomes more important when we have oily skin which is more prone to whiteheads as pores clogged with dead skin and sebum are more likely to invite bacterial infection that may further lead to whiteheads.
Recently, I came across this VLCC rose scrub and as the scrub I was using was almost finished, I bought this. 
I feel that Lotus Herbals skin polishers are very similar to this product which I saw few days ago, but haven't tried that though!!
Price- 150 INR for 60 gm with a shelf life of 24 months

What the company claims- This Gel based scrub has been specially designed for deep cleansing & purifying the skin hence offering it a refreshed & soft feel. It has fine grains & finely crushed walnut shell, which helps to remove dead skin cells.

My experience: This Rose scrub comes in a travel friendly tube pack that makes it easy to use.
Unlike the regular walnut, apricot scrubs it has rose extract and walnut shell granules in a clear gel base. 
The gel base works as cleanser actually and it helps in exfoliation while cleaning at the same time.
As you can see the density of the rose and walnut granules isn't much which is why I would categorize it as a mild scrub and cleanser. This thing also makes it a product that can be used everyday by oily skinned people. 
I have combination with normal cheeks and oily T zone skin and I must say it has fared well both as a cleanser and scrub. I use it on alternate days though there is no harm in using it daily but then you have to reduce the massaging time. To remove the dead skin we have to let it be dead first ..isn't it .:D as over scrubbing/exfoliation can have adverse effects on our skin in the form of rashes, dryness etc.

To use this you have to do the usual steps that you will do with any other face wash but then you need to keep massaging in circular motions for about 2 minutes to exfoliate properly and then rinse off.
You have used the Nivea skin refining scrub, it is similar to that.
It smells of roses as the name suggests and that also makes the entire scrubbing experience very refreshing!! Don't know what the red tiny beads are.:/

Consistency is medium that can be easily worked upon. The extracts or the granules are not rough as they are suspended in a medium consistency gel which makes it safe and worth trying for people with sensitive skin too.
Sensitive skin beauties it is safe for you too.:D

  • Easily available online and offline
  • Good for all skin types though you may adjust the frequency of usage as per your skin type and requirements
  • Travel friendly tube packaging
  • Price is okay, not much as this lasts for a long time even if used daily or thrice a week.
  • Good for every day use as it's gentle due to the lesser amount of granules in the gel base
  • Refreshing rosy fragrance
  • It doesn't lather much but still cleanses and exfoliates at the same time.
  • As the granules are not densely packed they can be used daily and even prove good for sensitive skinned people
  • Finely granulated walnut shell may not give the complete scrubbing experience for those who scrub like once a week or so.
  • Complete list of ingredients is not mentioned.
Rating- 3.75 out of 5

My take-Those of you who like to exfoliate everyday and wants a mild scrub that can cleanse simultaneously then this can be taken into consideration. For the price, packaging and results wise it has fared well!! 

VLCC Natural Sciences Rose Face Scrub Review Reviewed by Niesha on 10:14 pm Rating: 5 VLCC Natural Sciences Rose Face Scrub Review Hi Everyone, Timely exfoliation is the key to healthy skin and it becomes more im...


  1. Great review, as usual!


  2. I also love scrubs. I want to try the new elf lip scrub :)

  3. i am luking fr a daily based scrub..as it is mild may be great fr me...
    Thanksssss fr d review..
    :) :)

  4. i am actually looking fr a scrub fr daily use..as it is mild may be useful fr me..
    Thankssssss fr d review..
    :) :)

    1. Its very good for daily use and mild exfoliation.:)
      i love it!!

  5. Sounds good. Nice review Niesha:)

  6. i also love this scrub and i am using this from last month regularly..:)

    1. Even i am loving this Puja.:) its a great product!

  7. Does this smells of rose? Would be divine. I'm a big fan of scrubs. At least once or twice a week :) Currently love Naruko's Tea Tree Oil Out Peeling Gel, quite a gentle scrub.

    1. Even i am a fan of scrubs.:) It does smell a bit like roses.
      once you are done with the scrubbing, your skin feels great..:)

  8. i didn't use vlcc products.after this lets have a try:)

    1. i have love and hate relationship with VlCC products, some of them worked for me while others are disastrous, but i must say, this one is great!

  9. Great Review Dear..It is mild then will suits for sensitive skins too na... :)

    1. Thank you Nandini.:)
      It is great for sensitive skin too!

  10. nice review neisha ....I ll give this scrub a try :-) I ve never tried vlcc products at all....

    do visit my blog neisha....I just started blogging recently ur suggestions Will help me :-)

    1. Thank you For visiting Madhu !!
      I will visit yours soon .:)


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