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Monday 5 November 2012

Vedic Line+ Anti Aging Night Cream Review and swatches

Vedic Line+ Anti Aging Night Cream Review and swatches

I will review vedic Line anti aging night cream today. 
Once you reach your mid twenties or late twenties as a prevention using anti aging creams can be good to prevent those fine lines and wrinkles due to aging. I came across this anti aging cream from Vedic line. My skin is already combination due to which I have never been concerned about the dryness or using anti aging skin care regime but I think prevention is always better than cure. Moreover, reading so many times that staring from mid twenties is the right age (well! this is what I have read:D) 
This is my first purchase from the brand Vedic line. Earlier i was using Himalaya Anti aging cream
Lets start the review.

Price-  275 INR for 50 ml

Packaging- Travel friendly tube that makes usage hygienic.
Ingredients- Mentioned on the pack.

What the company claims- The new anti aging night cream from Vedic Line+ that improves texture and smoothes fine lines & wrinkles. Formulated with unique collagen, vitamins & minerals to strengthen, redensify and firm up skin. It leaves skin attractive, soft and supple by nourishing it. It also helps in long lasting hydration and elasticity.

My experience- This is my first product from the brand Vedic line.I got this cream about 2 months ago. When I used it for the first time, I did not like it as I use to then wake up with an oily face in the morning. I thought.. Do I really need any thing like that??

Still, after a week I thought of giving it a shot again and this time I took tiny bit than the usual amount. 
Yes it worked, my face was not that oily like it used to happen before. I am not dealing with fine lines and wrinkles here but as prevention it performed well!!! 
I can see an improvement in the skin texture though I am not sure whether it will help getting rid the existing lines and wrinkles but it can be a good night cream for people with dry to normal skin moreover, it doesn’t contain paraben. 
Yaayy!!! paraben Free

Overall, I am using it currently as a night cream and I think it’s a decent product for normal to dry skin types as a preventive measure and to restore the moisture.   
  • Availability is not an issue as it is easily available online.
  • Packaging is good and travel friendly and nice in appearance.
  • Texture and consistency is quite nice.
  • Complete list of ingredients mentioned on the packaging and paraben free.
  • Quantity is reasonable as compared to the price.
  • Formulation is good and gets absorbed into the skin quickly.
  • Does helps in restoring elasticity and over the time improves skin texture.
  • It may not suit oily for oily to combination skin. 
  • Does not remove wrinkles only smothens fine lines.
Rating- 3.25 out of 5

My take- For dry to normal ski types this cream can be very effcetive as a night cream more like a prevention against aging but it may not be able to diminish the signs of ageing, that are already there.
Oily skipped people should skip this.

Vedic Line+ Anti Aging Night Cream Review and swatches Reviewed by Niesha on 8:41 pm Rating: 5 Vedic Line+ Anti Aging Night Cream Review and swatches Hello, I will review vedic Line anti aging night cream today.  Once you reach...


  1. Nice review Niesha, don't think it is a good option for my super oily skin :-)

    1. Thank you Neha.:)
      My skin is combi and i only apply only a little bit of this, which is more than enough. Probably not for super oily skin.

  2. Nice review....i was thinking of getting a night cream...i think ill try this one out... :)

  3. Nice Review Neisha :)....
    I may buy this for my next :)
    Thank you for sharing :)

    1. Thank you Nandini!
      Try it it had worked good for me till now.:)

  4. Yay for finding a good night cream that works and doesn't cost an arm and leg! ;) I like to slap on some night cream before bedtime too - waking up to fabulous moisturized skin the next morning always makes my day a lot better.

    1. yesss Belle i agree.:)
      But oily people like me have to take an extra care while using them so as not to wake up with an oil factory running on the face, in the morning.:) :)

  5. Paraben free that's great.If they had it here I would try it out :)

    1. even i bought i just for the fact that it is paraben free.:)

  6. i knew vedicline gonna be good.. but never tried any under eye creams..

    1. It is a decent brand, but darling it's not an under eye cream though.:D

  7. Nice Niesha!
    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Demi.!
      You too havee a great week ahead.:)


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