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Thursday 1 November 2012

Revlon Super lustrous in Kiss Me Coral review and swatches

Revlon Super lustrous in Kiss me Coral Price and swatches

Hello Ladies!!!
Today, I will be sharing the review of Revlon Super lustrous in Kiss me Coral which is my current favorite and have been wearing it lot lately!!
Reason is pretty obvious first its gorgeous color and second its creamy matte finish. I have been going all crazy and ga ga over this.:D so please bear me for that. 

A bright colored lipstick can instantly brightens ups the face.What do you think??
Let’s move on with the review then!

Revlon Super lustrous in Kiss me Coral

Price-  These Revlon super lustrous lipsticks are priced at 550 INR for 4.2 gm

revlon super lustrous

What the company claims- Stay in true style with Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick. Strike the best out of these products by choosing the most suitable color.

Revlon Super lustrous in Kiss me Coral
Revlon Super lustrous lipstick shades

My Experience- These Revlon super Lustrous Lipsticks come in a black body with black gold band that bears the Brand name "Revlon".
I got this shade that they have named as kiss me coral which looks to me like a corally orange color. Very beautiful, bold and bright color!
It has a creamy matte formula that is rich in moisture, so as, not to make your lips dry or settle in the fine lines which can make them more prominent.This isn't the case with this lipstick.
Pigmentation is remarkably great and one swipe with normal pressure is enough for it to deliver a an opaque, rich and luxurious looking color.
As it has such great pigmentation then hiding the pigmentation on the lips would be difficult at all with Kiss me Coral.
I agree it's a bold and bright looking color but still it doesn't have the capability to wash too any skin tone.
Staying power is decent. I applied it at mid day at even after 3 hours with a meal in between it was there in it's faded and full glory.:D It doesn't leave any stain at all, so once it wears off you are left with nothing on the lips. It may be a good thing for some of us while others may like their lipsticks to show some color even if they are gone. :D
I find the packaging a bit boring,  and wish it could have been better. but no worries I am glad it's not like Lakme Absolute Matte, which great looking packaging and a dud when it comes to actual product. 

Revlon Super lustrous lipsticks coral
Here is the lip swatch:
Revlon Super lustrous lipsticks swatch

You can see similar shade from Inglot freedom system Here

  • Revlon products are easily available online, shops and counters
  • Pigmentation is very good and can the rich intense color in a single swipe.
  • It has a creamy matte finish due to which it glides smoothly on the lips.
  • Price is okay for the great pigmentation and creamy matte formula
  • It has a sturdy bullet that isn't not prone to break easily.
  • This particular shade is very bright and beautiful, still will suit majority of the skin tones
  • It's creamy matte formula ensures that it doesn't settle or accentuate the fine lines on the lips.
  • It's rich in moisture so will not dry your lips, though balms can be handy if needed.
  • Packaging could have been a bit better. 
Rating-  4.5 out 5

My take-  Kiss me coral is a pretty corally orange shade from Revlon's super lustrous range that will no doubt will suit most of us. This lipstick comes at an affordable price with great single stroke pigmentation, matte formula with adequate creaminess to glide well and provide moisture at the same time, which makes them worth your money.
Revlon Super lustrous in Kiss Me Coral review and swatches Reviewed by Niesha on 11:41 am Rating: 5 Revlon Super lustrous in Kiss me Coral Price and swatches Hello Ladies!!! Today, I will be sharing the review of Revlon Super ...


  1. Such a pretty shade and looks sooo pretty on you!!

  2. Wowww that's a cute shade and I loved ur LOTD Neisha dear :)

  3. Such a pretty colour. Looks lovely on you :-)

  4. Your lips look so beautiful or rather the lipstick looks so beautiful with this on!! So lovely

    1. Aww.. thank you Nivedita for that compliment dear !!! :D

  5. lovely shade.suit for Christmas eve:)

  6. If not for the name 'kiss me coral', I would have thought it's a red(as it appears in tube.) You look great with coral lips.

    1. even i thought so Belle.. Its more like orangy red..

  7. Very pretty shade..looking very nice on you..nice review...:)

  8. Nice shade! It looks fantastic on you!
    Have a good month!

    1. Thank you Demi:)
      You too have a lovely month ahead.

  9. I love coral shades and this one is gorgeous...looks great on you Niesha :-)

    1. Thank you Neha.:)
      I am a huge fan of corals and oranges.

  10. u r looking sooo beautiful..
    i love creamy matte look..
    lovely <3

  11. Love the colour. Beautiful orange coral :)

  12. love the colour. A gorgeous orange coral :)

  13. That's a lovely coral shade :)

  14. Pretty colour! Suits you!

    Radha xoxo

  15. Sweet Shade :)
    Followin u already...

  16. it's such a beautiful colour, lovely review :)

  17. Hmmm I can see your love for corals and oranges, pretty as you are, you can carry all shades well! Nice review.

    1. Right Gagan, i just love corals and oranges a lot.
      but i can not carry browns, does not suit my skin tone.:)

  18. lovely coral and all the more pretty on you..

  19. The colour looks so lovely on you. I havnt dared to try this bright coral but seeing it here makes me feel like I shud. Revlon Super Lustrous and Colorburst lippies r really good quality and affordable too :)

  20. Very nice solid orangey red. This is so for my mother, I need to get her another coral lipstick, they suit her!


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