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Thursday 22 November 2012

Revayur aroma plus moisturizer review

Revayur Aroma plus Moisturizer for face and body

I recently bought two moisturizer just to try it out since winter have already knocked the doors and even if you have oily or combination skin dabbing on some light in texture moisturizer can be really beneficial and should be included in the skin care routine.

Today, I will be reviewing Revayur Aroma plus Moisturizer for face and body.

Price-  55 INR.
Quantity- 75 gm

Company says- Fine textured formula that absorbs into the skin. It locks moisture within skin for deep hydration. Helps skin to maintain optimal / optimum moisture levels. Light Aloe formula gives soft and comfortable feel to skin.
Key Ingredients- Aloe juice

How to use - Gentle massage onto Clean Face, Body, Hands or other affected area. For best results use twice a day.
My Experience- I bought it just for the purpose of trying it out and if it does not suit me I thought it can be a hand lotion since it says that it is a body moisturizer too. I have used it only twice on the face since I do not like to try two different products at one time and I am quite satisfied with the Clean and Clear oil free moisturizer.
However, it has a nice texture that gets absorb easily into the skin. I have used their lip balms and one of the Anti blemish face pack which were decent products and that is the reason that I thought of trying it.
They have mentioned in the list of ingredients that it has aloe Vera. I like products with aloe Vera some how they suit my skin.
It hydrates the skin and stays there for 3-4 hours since it is very light.


Available online, cannot say about offline availability though.
Budget and pocket friendly.
Texture is light hence it gets absorbed easily.
Packaging is travel friendly and hygienic to use.
It has very mild fragrance, nothing over powering or too strong to give headache.
May not suit very dry skin.
Hydration is not long lasting. 
Rating-  3.5 out of 5
My Take- Overall, it is a good product but still I will not recommend it for the face but of course it has proved to be a good light moisturizer for the body but might not be able to cure very dry skin.
Revayur aroma plus moisturizer review Reviewed by Niesha on 12:30 am Rating: 5 Revayur Aroma plus Moisturizer for face and body I recently bought two moisturizer just to try it out since winter have already...


  1. good review only i bought one moisturiser and vaseline lip therapy for this horrible winters

    1. Thank you Preethi.:)
      I have oily skin but in winters it still requires hydration.

  2. Nice review...I have used this product but didn't like it much...

    1. Thank you Puja, that's why i said that its not for face and gives light hydration. :)


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