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Saturday 24 November 2012

Incolor Crystal Brilliance Gloss review and swatches

Incolor Crystal Brilliance Gloss Pink sparkle

Hello all,
I am still with my orange fever but I have this Incolor crystal brilliance lip gloss which was peacefully lying in my drawer waiting for its turn to come so, I thought It will be good to review and do the lip swatches of this product today. 
It's not a famous brand, I find just like the VOV cosmetics. keep on reading to know how it performed or fared!!

Incolor Crystal Brilliance Gloss

This color is pink sparkle that I will review.

Price- 160 INR for 6.5 ml
Color- Pink sparkle 
Incolor Crystal Brilliance Gloss
Incolor Crystal Brilliance Gloss

About the product and Claims- Incolor presents a unique collection of lip gloss that suit the beauty needs of young women in this glam world. The Crystal Brilliance Gloss by Incolor is enriched with rich formulas that help to moisturize and smoothen your lips. This lip gloss gives a glossy finish to your dull lips when applied. You can nourish and protect your lips by using this well formulated lip gloss. The pink sparkle shaded lip gloss adds a blush of pink to your lips that makes your lips look full and gorgeous. 
The Incolor Crystal Brilliance Gloss gives a luminous and sparkling shine to your lips that creates magic on your face enhancing your natural beauty. The gloss is designed not only to help you make a perfect style statement but it lets you define your bold and charming persona. Enjoy your date with your loved one by pushing away the worries of your gloss smudging or fading away. The Incolor gloss will last long on your lips thus giving a shine and glow to your lips.  
Pheww  (claims and about the product is toooo long. don't you think so .:D)

Incolor Crystal Brilliance Gloss

Experience- I may not be a gloss person at all but this Incolor gloss caught my attention while browsing The shade that I got is pink sparkle which is a light baby pink color, very sheer with silver glitters. 
I have fair complexion with yellowish hints due to which I prefer golden rather than silver in my lip and eye products. The very fact also makes me a little biased and inclined towards warmer earth lip colors than the ones with cooler tones to them.

Incolor Crystal Brilliance Gloss pink sparkle

It’s a different thing whether I like the color or not but I thats doesn't mean it's a bad product.
It's glossy, can add shine to your lips with visible glitters, if you like them. But it is not as sticky as some other lip glosses.
I do not have any complaint with its texture or staying power since most of us are aware that lip gloss have less staying power as compare to the lipsticks and will not survive the meals. With this sheer shimmery particles will there on the lips even if it wipes it off.
I am new to this brand for the first time I saw this brand on, especially Incolor eye shadow singles. They were decent too for the price, but ingredients list is not mentioned anywhere for any of their products.
Although I am not a big fan of this color still that doesn't make this a bad product but decent. I am looking forward to try their non shimmery lip gloss range may be.

These are the lip swatch:
incolor lip gloss
  • I have only seen Incolor products on, and so, can't say about their offline availability.
  • It's affordable at the price tag given to it.
  • It has very sheer pigmentation with silver and pink glitters.
  • Formula is decent and it is not much sticky.
  • Average staying power.
  • Very sheer pigmentation so will not at all cover the pigmentation on the lips. it's meant to be used over the lipstick more I assume.
  • Packaging could have been more finished.
  • Ingredients are nowhere on the packaging.
Rating- 3 out of 5
My take- It has average staying power but decent product with not much sticky texture. Try if you want to otherwise other brands have similar product at a little higher price like Maybelline and Streetwear.

Incolor Crystal Brilliance Gloss review and swatches Reviewed by Niesha on 12:22 pm Rating: 5 Incolor Crystal Brilliance Gloss Pink sparkle Hello all, I am still with my orange fever but I have this Incolor crystal bril...


  1. I am using this Neisha and have the Shade 05 in this range...I picked it up for the first time from reliance one month back and since then I have been using it almost every alternate day.
    I totally agree with you that its moisturizing effect is quite good..

    Nice review

    1. Thank you dear!! :) Dont know how come I missed replying to this post!

  2. Such a pretty Shade ! <3 I think it would lookk Fab on top of a lipstick.

  3. nice sparkling loved it..nice colour

  4. It looks like a good product and you said it isn't sticky which is great for me! The colour looks very beautiful on your lips, I love it :D.

  5. nice review and pretty shade...i have never used them but saw them in our local shops will buy and try them...:)

  6. The shade looks really lovely on you :D I dint know about this brand.
    xoxo <3

  7. it's very difficult to find glitter lipgloss with a good pigmentation :(

  8. Pretty colour...looks so good on you...perhaps u shud wear shimmery glosses more often :)

  9. These are indeed very good. I had bought from Rajouri Garden main market last year when it was just launched. Seen it online on Flipkart. Have transparent one and gonna try out colors after seeing it look so fab on your lips! :)


    2. Thank you dear!! :) Sorry I missed replying to this post!!

  10. The color is very pretty :) but even I don't prefer such silvery glosses :(

  11. Looks great on you Niesha :)


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