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Thursday 22 November 2012

Elle 18 color pop lipstick Rusty Review swatches

Elle 18 color pop lipstick Rusty review swatches

Hello girls,

In this post, I will review and swatch Elle 18 Color pop or color burst Lipstick in Rusty which I bought few weeks ago. I have been so much in love with the bright corals and oranges these days that they made me completely forgot the rusty pink and neutral shades completely until I saw this color at one of my friends blog and It was an instant decision!
elle 18
Elle 18 color Pop in Rusty 29

Price- 100 INR for 4.3 ml
elle 18 lipsticks
Elle 18 Color pop Rusty
My Experience- This color is called Rusty which is no 29  I think it's more like a rust color with less brown and more towards peachy tones. what you think? But for sure, it's a very subtle and everyday kind of color that will suit most of us and can be used during the day. As you can see that it's the new (not anymore though) plastic packaging, which I looks chubby and cute but I don't like it much!!
It's plastic bodyloosely fitted bullet inside, makes me feel that the bullet will break even if i put faintest pressure to intensify the color! I ma saying this as this is exactly what happened with the Elle 18 Cranberry lippy! Boo hu hu :( but thankfully they are inexpensive.:D
It has the same cocoa butter core in between to provide extra moisture but I think they should have incorporated this so called moisturizing thing in the entire content and then should have processed the lipsticks as the core. yes! it gives moisture but also gives a patchy finish!
But wait earlier, that was not the case, even though the core was there. Hmmm.. I think they need to re ensure the quality!!
elle 18 lipsticks
Elle 18 Color pop lipstick Rusty swatch - natural light
elle 18 lipsticks
Elle 18 color pop lipstick Rusty swatch- Indoor

Now, these lippies are decent in texture but then staying power... not much!!
Moreover, they won't even leave a trace on your lips after a full meal.
Pigmentation is not great. I had to swipe 2-3 times to show you the swatches above. But at the price can we really complain?  
I only liked their Rosy blush so far when pigmentation is concerned Rosy blush is an amazing color with great quality for the price, I must highlight this.
Okay so, below are the lip swatches indoor and outdoor. Look at my dehydrated seeking for moisture since ages, lips.:D excuse me for that!!

elle 18 lipsticks
Lip swatches
  • Easily available offline and online. 
  • Budget and pocket friendly makes them worth trying.
  • Texture is okay.
  • Cocoa butter provides moisture and hydration. 
  • Does not leave stain on the lips once you wipe it off.
  • Packaging may not be liked by everyone
  • Staying power is low. 
  • Pigmentation is not so good and varies from shade to shade. 
Rating-  I would give it 3.25 out of 5
My Take-  Even though , they might not be the best when it comes to staying power and pigmentation still they can be considered, tried and loved for their shades, If you want a budget and pocket friendly lipstick and don't have much expectation. I personally love this color a lot. No doubt, it is beautiful!!
Elle 18 color pop lipstick Rusty Review swatches Reviewed by Niesha on 9:00 am Rating: 5 Elle 18 color pop lipstick Rusty review swatches Hello girls, In this post, I will review and swatch Elle 18 Color pop or color bur...


  1. The shade looks soo lovely...and it looks very pretty on you..I too have cranberry and like it...

    1. Thank you Sophia! but in pictures it was not clear enough may be i will change the lips swatches soon.
      Cranberry is a nice shade too.

  2. The cocoa butter core in the middle of the lipstick reminds me of a centered filled bubblegum...yum :D Love the color on you, quite a subtle berry color.

    1. he he he, thats right Belle. Good to see you back:)
      and thank you!

  3. these are hit among college going girls for cute packaging and pocket friendly prices

    1. I agree Shikha, that why I bought two of them and after the review i will give them to my cousin, they love these. :)

  4. Elle18 had been my best friend during my college days and I still have somekind of loyalty to it. :P

    it;s a great color!! I might check it out if I can

    1. I agree Nivi,:)
      even i used to love them a lot but somehow now their quality has come down.

  5. The colour suits you!

    Radha & Sita xoxo

    1. Thank you Radha.:)
      Its a very natural shade for apt for those who do not want to wear bold & bright shade.:)

  6. the colour is super gorgeous on you, Niesha :)

  7. Pretty colour...would go well with a lot of different looks. And it's hydrating for dry winter lips...will chk this range.

    1. Yes, it can since its more like a peachy rusty shade, natural to the lips.:)
      this range is popular amongst college girls a lot!!:)

  8. That's a pretty color. Elle 18 has come out wid really affordable products


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