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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Obsessed Orange Review swatches and LOTD

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Obsessed Orange
Hello all,
This lipstick is one of my recent favorites. This years oranges ruled the blogs and runways too.:). This was the shade that I wanted to have since I saw this. Could not resist the temptation of wearing an orange lip color.:) 
So, Today, I will be reviewing Colorbar lipstick in obsessed orange, which is a beautiful orange color which is so refreshing and would beautifully suit warm skin tones a lot. This is my eighth addition to my Colorbar lipstick collection
This is the most affordable and decent orange lipstick which is very appropriate for spring and summer (I know this review came late :D). I am like drooling over this color !!!

Colorbar velvet Matte lipstick
Let catch up with the review.

Price- 250 INR (you can get it less online) for 4.3 gm

Colorbar obsessed orange

Colorbar velvet Matte obsessed orange

My Experience- I love this for its great texture and very beautiful orange color. Apart from that, most of the characteristics and features are quiet similar to most of the lipsticks from the Colorbar velvet matt range. You can see the 7 velvett matt lipsticks here.

Colorbar lipstick in obsessed orange

Its matte formulation is not overly drying but as compaed to the other lipsticks from the velvet matte range, it is less creamy! so, to combat dryness I use a lip balm!
Staying power is decent as I used it at around mid day and the next touch up was around three, after I had lunch, could have been on the lips longer if there was no meal in between.
This makes me conclude that it has a decent staying power of 3-4 hours.
It does leave stain however, not much like the other shades from the velvet matte range. Urghh, I still can't forget Demure which use to stain like hot pink nooo cheap hot pink!! :( Thankfully it isn't!:)
In spite of it being a matte shade; it doesn't settle in fine lines and swiping it twice was more than enough to get the opaque true rich color! Great!!
As you may see in the swatches that it's is a pure orange color with no yellow or red undertones, just the plain orange color.
Being a warm shade, it is more likely to suit most of the Indian skin tones, though you can wear it with a little less intensity if you feel that the color can be a bit bold and bright for you.
Dusky skin beauties may also look great with this color on!
This color reminds me of Inglot freedom system no 37, though the Inglot one has a tad more warmth. I mean slight hints of red are seen!!

These are the lip swatches without the flash:
Colorbar velvet Matte lipstick in obsessed orange

It looks a little different on the lips since, i was wearing a red lipstick earlier than this which stains.
  • Easily available online and in colorbar counters.
  • Great texture that does not settle in fine lines or accentuates them.
  • Nice shiny packaging, that makes you to locate them easily and the color at the bottom says it all.
  • Decent two swipe pigmentation to achieve an opaque, rich color.
  • Affordable at the price and the quantity.
  • Matt texture but still not overly drying but I still will recommend using a lip balm as I do that for my dry lips.:)
  • Decent staying power for good 3-4 hours without any meals or snacks in between.
  • Stains a bit but not as much as their Demure from the same range.
  • Ingredients ???
Rating- 4 out of 5

My take- It is an affordable and a gorgeous bright color appropriate for spring and summers. Don't skip it, if you love orange on your lips and can carry them well which I am sure most of us can. Right?? 

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Obsessed Orange Review swatches and LOTD Reviewed by Niesha on 2:26 pm Rating: 5 Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Obsessed Orange Hello all, This lipstick is one of my recent favorites. This years oranges ruled t...


  1. oooo... such a pretty shade it is... :)

  2. i am so apprehensive on wearing this shade...but looks lovely on u...hey BTW same pinch..I also reviewed my fav 5 lippies from same range of visit my blog...n chkout :)


    1. Thank you Smita.:)
      of course, i will visit right now !

  3. wow looks beautiful, wish I could buy Colorbar :)

  4. superb..look hot in winter...very nice shade

    1. Thats right Rubi, it actually is a spring/summer color but will definitely look so bright and beautiful in the chilly winters.:)

  5. This 1..This lippie...has evaded me so long tat I have dropped plans to get it :@ And even tricked my heart saying it wouldn't suit me :\ But u r blessed my child :D Ur LOTD justifies it ;)

  6. i have one orange one in 17..i love it..and this looks gr8 on u niesha

  7. wow so orangy v nice shade n suits u dear

  8. LOve the color! orange based red lipstick are just my favorites!x Marina

    1. absolutely Marina, they are my favorite too, suits my complexion.

  9. This is such a lovely shade. But I feel orange lipsticks make me look a tone darker.

    1. I agree :), it happens sometimes that a particular shade can mark you look fairer or a bit darker.

  10. i loved the shade..
    it is such a pretty colour..
    suits u much..

    1. Thank you so much my darling.:)
      good to see you back.
      waiting for your post too!!

  11. well it definitely looks gorgeous on you!

  12. Wow....Such a lovely shade...Looks amazing on u Niesha... :D

  13. Looks gorgeous on you Niesha, thinking of trying this for a long time :-)

    1. Thank you neha.:)
      If you like bright shades then try it, it looks gorgeous.

  14. Love orange lipsticks. Looks great on your lips :)

    1. Thank you so much:)
      I have seen your lip swatches they are amazing .:))

  15. This colour looks lovely on you!

  16. This color is soooo pretty, isn't it :D I'm wheatish skin toned and it actually makes me look fairer :D heheh* And you lotds come out so well !!! I'm writing my review of it too :D

    1. Thank you Bhaswati:)
      i agree, some colors can make you look fairer.
      Waiting for your review and swatches :D

  17. This looks so heavnely gorgeous di!!!<3 me loving it!!!
    You took really great pictures .....

    1. Thank you darling:)
      Glad you liked, still learning camera angles.:)))

  18. I must say u have great lips. and that lipstick looks great on u!! :) :)

  19. Will it luk good on pigmented lips.
    was ur lip swatch taken with flash

  20. I have fair to medium skin tone.
    will it suit me

    1. Yes, definitely, it will look great on fair to medium skin with pigmented lips.
      I do not use flash. i take pics either in natural or the lights inside the room.


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