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Wednesday 10 October 2012

When to throw your cosmetics - A guide

We love cosmetics and would like to buy whenever there is a new product launched. We tend to drool over that new lipstick range or that gorgeous blush and it doesn't matter how many we have already? 
There are some product that we love so much that we keep it for veer in our vanity 
may be that perky pretty packaging doesn't allow us to discard it or due to any reason.

But beauty products which are supposed to makeup more pretty may lead to infection, acne etc.
So, it becomes really important to know when to throw your cosmetic products.
First of all we have to make sure that we  store your cosmetics and beauty products in a cool and dry place. Moist places can be a reason for the bacterial and fungal infections like bathroom, never put your makeup product there.
Here is a guide and points to remember and taken care of for the products that you use-
Lipstick- Most of the times, we do not even remember when we have bought a particular lipstick but it is equally important to know that they have a shelf life of 24 months so after that you should discard them.
Mascara- Mascara is one of the shortest life span products. It has an average shelf life of only three months hence it is very important to replace your old mascara and when you see that it has been dried out throw it away and never ever use water or any other fluid for diluting it otherwise it can be problematic for the eyes and increases the chances of bacterial infections.

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When to throw your cosmetics - A guide Reviewed by Niesha on 8:18 pm Rating: 5 We love cosmetics and would like to buy whenever there is a new product launched. We tend to drool over that new lipstick range or tha...


  1. Well said Neisha...This is very important and I am still suffering by the allergy caused by an old compact powder... :( :(

    1. Even i was not much aware about it earlier!
      Hope the allergy goes away soon..:)
      One product that i need to take care is mascaras as they can cause an infection easily for a contacts user like me.

  2. Very informative post niesha..

  3. Great post!
    I try not to buy a lot of cosmetics because in the end I don't use all of them. It's hard to resist to a new palette of eyeshadows though!

    1. Thank you Demi!
      Same with me i am equally into storing them than using makeup.

  4. Informative post Niesh :D I should be careful with the mascara thing!

    1. Thank you Lance!
      same here darling, I have to be careful about mascara.

  5. Informative post Niesha, will check my makeup now :)


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