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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Tips and Toes Exotic eyeshadow in Cherry Plum review and swatches

Tips and Toes Exotic eyeshadow in Cherry Plum Review and Swatches 

Hello all!!

Today, I will be sharing a review on Tips and Toes eyeshadow Quad that I got from This palette is named as Cherry plum with very pretty subtle and soft colors. I would call it's packaging as a highlight of this small palette with a decently sized mirror that is good enough to do touch ups.

Price- 295 INR
Quantity- 4gm 

Ingredients- Complete list of ingredients is mentioned.

What the company claims-
Exotic pearl effect blends instantly and brightens your eyes.
Smooth moisturizing formula glides instantly on your eyes.
Comes in a palette of 4 shades for a perfect fashionable look that nothing can match.

My Experience- As, I mentioned earlier, this eyeshadow quad has a mirror finished body which looks beautiful, I also have their dual blush which has the exact outer packaging this makes me feel like giving them full points on packaging.:D
It has a mirror which is of decent size that you can even use for touch ups or if in case a mirror is not handy. Inside it there are four pans of eyeshadows, around an inch in width with a slot made for it's very cute looking small dual sided sponge applicator. I don't think so, that it will be any use but that's fine!
Now the colors of eyeshadow that it has are: a light grey toned silver, baby pink, medium golden brown color and a pretty plummy color.

All the colors are with very very finely milled shimmer that makes me feel as if they are matte untill lit hits them except for the brownish gold which is a fantastic neutral color very much to our liking.
Pigmentation is decent as you can see in the swatches below. they are two swipes but they are better than the faces eye shadow Quad for sure in terms of the pigmentation.
Now, they are pressed powder eye shadows but still doesn't feel much power like and Of course primers are then capable enough to change the fate of their staying power.
The plum and golden brown are better in staying power than the lighter shades.
I assume that most of us don't like the light colors as they may wash out our majority of Indian medium skin tones but the darker colors are neutral and will beautifully complement our skin tones.
Fall outs very not much there and overall, they are great for the price.

I personally liked the deep brown color, you may wear it on it's own and it will look fab!!
They have mentioned complete lists of ingredients on the packaging and also some tips as, how to apply the shadow on your eyes. :D
Now, here is a quick eye makeup pic with this quad.

Rating- 3.75 out of 5

My Take: It's a good palette at that price, you may consider it for its beautiful color and lovely packaging.:D Lighter shades though may not be liked by everyone but dark shades are very good!!

Sorry!! I skipped the pros and cons, this time.

Tips and Toes Exotic eyeshadow in Cherry Plum review and swatches Reviewed by Niesha on 4:58 pm Rating: 5 Tips and Toes Exotic eyeshadow in Cherry Plum Review and Swatches  Hello all!! Today, I will be sharing a review on Tips...


  1. Great review Niesha.... :)
    N all the shades are soo lovely....

  2. Lovely colors! And the packaging is nice!

    1. Thank you .:)
      I totally loved its packaging!!

  3. niesha ur eotd...and nice review as always..i love the packaging

  4. wow...the colors look really pigmented...
    n i loved your really need to do more tutorials Neisha...I love how you do your eyes...share some tips na...

    1. Thanks my dear.:)
      Will do more tutorials then..:)

  5. Love the colors and great tips!

  6. Wow niesha..I loved's so beautiful ..

  7. This is such an gr8 and helpful post girl :D
    xoxo <3

  8. Very beautiful EOTD Niesh :D Loved it

  9. Wowwww wonderful ETOD and Review Niesha...
    I loved the Plum shade so much... :)

    1. Thank you Nandini.:)
      I bought it just for that beautifil plummy shade.:)

  10. Plum and copper eyeshadows are my favourites. Very pretty look.

  11. WOW!! You used them so well.. a must try.. :)

  12. Love the color duo you have used on your eyes, compliment your eye color perfectly. Evry good product in affordable price.

    1. Thanks you Gagan.. It is very affordable and yet pigmented. :)

  13. Really like the purple and brown, I'd use those colors a lot but not the two lighter ones so much. Great eye look! :)

    1. Thanks Sharlynn, even i am much into the darker shades.:)

  14. I like these shades too. Very nice palette!

  15. I really love this,so cute
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    I'll wait you on my blog dear.Have a Nice Day!

  16. Love the eye makeup Niesha :)

  17. lovely palette and pigmentation is also good! loved the eotd :)

  18. very pretty shades and loved the eotd!

  19. these have tempted me for long ! looks like i have caved :)

  20. loved the look and the palette :)


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