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Friday 7 September 2012

Nivea Glamorous Gloss Pink Sugar review

Nivea Glamorous Gloss Pink Sugar review

GUEST POST - Monissha

Hello Guys,
Today, I will be reviewing  Nivea Glamorous Gloss Pink Sugar.

Price- INR. 139

8.5 ml
Nivea Glamorous Gloss Pink Sugar review
Ingredients- Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Hydramine, Grape Seed Extract

Packaging-  Comes in a cute pink tube with screw cap and the applicator is inclined on one side for easy application.

Nivea Glamorous Gloss Pink Sugar review

What the company claims-
  • Beautify your lips with pink ultra shine pigments
  • A delicious exotic fruity scent
  • Provides long lasting care without sticky residue
  • Contains SPF 30+, protection against UVA and UVB rays
Nivea Glamorous Gloss Pink Sugar review

How it works

The high-gloss formula of NIVEA Lip Care Glamorous Gloss Pink Sugar gives a blush of pink, and adds glamour and gloss to your lips.
Ultra Shine Pigments in pink give brilliant shine, while Shea Butter and vitamin E join forces providing long lasting care and moisturizsation.
Nivea Glamorous Gloss Pink Sugar review

My Experience- I don’t have many lip glosses or in other words I don’t like using them. Rather I prefer Chap Stick and lip balms. But when I purchased “Nivea whitening deodorant”, I got this glamorous gloss as free (quite a steal). Only the name specifies pink but actually the color like light orange. I got slightly pigmented lips and it really doesn’t suit my dusky skin at all. I just put the tube in the useless products bag. Then recently last week when I was digging for some other stuff, I found this tube and the word”gloss” hit me. I applied it on top of my dry nude lipstick color and I should say it really looked glamorous on my lips. It does not get to become greasy. It contains tiny shimmer that’s making it look gorgeous. But it doesn’t stay long and in 2-3 hours you might find it sticky. Other than that the color is a super nude shade and will suit fair skinned people a lot. I like this lip gloss.

Rating- 4 out of 5
Nivea Glamorous Gloss Pink Sugar review Reviewed by Niesha on 11:04 pm Rating: 5 Nivea Glamorous Gloss Pink Sugar review GUEST POST - Monissha Hello Guys, Today, I will be reviewing   Nivea Glamorous Gloss Pi...


  1. The Shade is so pretty, pretty in pink:-)

  2. This looks delicious!


  3. Omg lovely gloss but wanted to see the swatches
    love your blog and following you now love if you follow me back

    1. Thanks Sadee!!
      will surely return the favour.:)
      Keep in touch .:)

  4. itsssss super cuteee...
    n i dont know why d updates of ur blog is not coming on my blog when i saw ur msg dn i checkd it out n i saw a lot of new posts including d award..i missd d fun of reading posts..wil b updatd now..:) :)

    1. Dont worry Richss, i know it happens.
      you can visit whenever you have time and notifications.:)
      I still love you .:)

  5. I like it!


  6. wow this looks lovely! I've never seen this product before so thanks for the review, I'll definitely be checking this out x

  7. Nice review...Is there any shade in this range for wheatish skin???

  8. It says pink but looks orange :O
    But looks great. I too have slight pgmented lips plus dusky skin. So not sure of it :)
    Well nice review gal...

  9. I love it it is fantastic! used to be obsessed with it! COuld you please consider following each other? Twitter: @shineonbyandrea

  10. Rasa !! this is the only shade :( I m too little sad about it ..
    And thank u gals for the compliments :) :)

  11. I love the shade. I love lip glosses, I will have to check it out.

    Thanks for the review.


    1. Sure Tami.Its a good product.
      Reviewed by Guest writer Monissha.:)


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