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Friday 24 August 2012

Bare Essentials 7 Pc Makeup Brushes Set Review

Bare Essentials 7 Pc Makeup Brushes Set Review

Hello everyone,

I have already reviewed the Vega makeup brush set and this time I bring to you yet another makeup brush set which is from Bare Essential, it’s a 7 piece makeup brush set. I saw it online and then I thought to give it a try and I ordered it immediately since I wanted some more brushes for my eye makeup.
bare essentials
Price- 290 INR for 7 pc set

bare essentials

What the company claims- These Make Up Brushes have perfectly rounded bristles to contour & highlight the face. These quality brushes give superior control and even coverage while applying make up.

bare essentials

Contents- Face & Body Blusher, Foundation Brush, Slanted Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Smudger Brush, Brow & Lash Comb, Mascara Applicator.

My experience- I liked the overall packaging and the look of these brushes.
The eye shadow and the sponge applicator brushes are very nice which pick up products well and prevents fall outs. I was surprised to notice that how effectively the eye shadow applicator brush clings to the loose product and minimizes fall outs.
bare essentials

Sponge applicator is soft with no sharp edges at any place. Quite usefu !!

bare essentials
There is a brush that says it’s a foundation brush but I think it is too small to be a foundation brush, rather it can be used as a concealar brush. However, the bristles are dense and soft. I like that brush too.
bare essentials
There is a spooly or you can say a mascara wand, nothing special it is just like the regular mascara wands.
bare essentials
Then, there is a Brow and lash comb which is again a usual product with lash and brow combs back to back. No complaints with this one.
bare essentials
There is one slant brush which is my second favorite from this set. I can use it for applying thick smudged eyeliner or can also be used as to fill in your eyebrows.
bare essentials
Now lets come to the last one which is the Blush brush and I would say that I am very disappointed with that brush as brush should be a bit dense which it is not though the bristles are soft. It would have been better if this one has some more bristles.
bare essentials
 Overall, not a bad set with the price I have paid. Less regrets and more useful.

·        It is available online and they are not that expensive.
·        It consists of 7 pieces that caters different needs.
·        Eye shadow applicator and the sponge applicator are very good.
·        Eye shadow brush picks up loose product nicely and prevents fall outs.
·        Brow and lash comb are okay. No complaints.
·        Mascara wand is average just like any other wand.

·        Blush brush could be a bit more dense.
·        Foundation brush is too small to qualify for a foundation brush rather it can be used as a concealer brush.

My take-  Decent rushes for the beginners. though the blush brush is not that good but others are a steal at the price.
Rating-  3.5 out of 5  

Bare Essentials 7 Pc Makeup Brushes Set Review Reviewed by Niesha on 11:56 pm Rating: 5 Bare Essentials 7 Pc Makeup Brushes Set Review Hello everyone, I have already reviewed the Vega makeup brush set and this time I ...


  1. nice review... wats on your nails please??

    1. Hi Arundhati. It's Maybelline Laranja Citrico.:)


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