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Tuesday 26 June 2012

Lakme Rose powder in soft pink review

Lakme Rose powder in soft pink review
Hi everyone,
Loose powders can come in handy to set your makeup and to mattify your oily face.
I will review this Lakme Rose powder in Soft pink in this post. I have this powder for quite a long time but I used to forget to review it until today, when it again caught my attention. Yes, you are think right, I have not used this since a long time.
Lakme Rose powder
But that does not make it a bad product. It’s just I kept it in a drawer and later on it get covered up with some other stuff. It is not an essential product for me as I am currently using Lakme compact. So, this poor pretty round product was erased temporarily from my memory. As if it does not exist.
Phew.. I have never talked that much in any of the reviews.. anyways :D. 

This Rose powder is very budget friendly and light on pocket as it comes for only 90 Rupees and that is for 40 gms. Trust me I do not think that I will be ever finish it.. it’s huge considering the fact that you will only require little bit of this.
Company claims- Lakme Rose Power is a foundation make-up in a powder format that gives a flawless radiant look. It contains rose fragrance to keep you fresh and contains sunscreen to protect from harmful UV rays. It gives a flawless radiant look
Lakme Rose powder in soft pink

Packaging: It is a large container that has a bottom part for the product and an upper lid with holes so as to take the desired quantity of the product and a puff for application. You can see the pictures. 

My experience: I got this 7-8 months ago from along with the Lotus Brightening gel cream. It is available in two shades Soft pink and Warm pink. I bought the one in Soft Pink which is a pink colored powder.
When I saw this I did not know that a product like this exists from Lakme though I have seen a similar product in Oriflame. I guess the name is Oriflame loose powder. Perhaps, that what the name was!!
As I mentioned earlier it is a loose powder which comes in a container with a lid on the top that has tiny holes from where you can take it out, dab some on the puff that comes along and use it directly on the face.
The puff is nice, I like it!
It is soft and helps in even application of the powder. I have noticed that less is more for this powder since if you take more then it can look ashy and made up. My complexion is fair with yellow undertones and it gives a pink undertone to my skin.
I like this effect!
Lakme Rose powder in soft pink

As the name suggests.. yes, it does have rosy fragrance which is nice and not overpowering at all. It also helps prevent against UV rays due Titanium dioxide as one of its ingredients, which is also found in the sunscreens.
For dry skin, it may be that great since it has a drying nature. For oily skin, it can work well.

  • Packaging is nice and typical Lakme branding.
  • It is cheap and easily available online and in shops.
  • It works good as a substitute for compact.
  • It is available in two variants.
  • Ingredients are mentioned on the packaging.
  • It does contain SPF which is nice but cannot say whether it actually protects from harmful UV rays.
  • It doesn’t break me out
  • It makes my skin visibly even toned and free from shine.
  • It does not give much coverage.
  • May not be suitable for dry skin 
My take-  If you are looking for a loose powder to help you control shine and also as a substitute for the compacts, then this is the cheapest option you can go for, so, try it if you have oily skin.
Rating-  4 out of 5 
Lakme Rose powder in soft pink review Reviewed by Niesha on 12:25 am Rating: 5 Lakme Rose powder in soft pink review Hi everyone, Loose powders can come in handy to set your makeup and to mattify your oily face...


  1. Ive heard a lot of good things abt this. I will try it soon :-)
    Do u know whats really the difference btwn the 2warm n soft pink? Is it for diff complexions?

    1. It is indeed a good product Poorva:)
      Well, they are different tones of pink color. Very fair to fair can go for soft pink and wheatish can go for warm pink. Other than that they are very sheer so does not make much difference.

  2. TI'm sure the product you reviewed was purchased too long ago.

    Just an FY?I to everyone else, the product is worth INR 110 these days on all stores & e-stores, and available for INR 95 only on, which I assume might be an older stock.

  3. As she told us she bought it a long long time ago, in case you wanna find it on stores and e-stores, it's available for 110 INR, except for where it is available for 95 INR.


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