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Saturday 5 May 2012

SunShine Awards

Sunshine Award

Hi Everyone,

I got yet another award which is the "sunshine award". This has been given to me by a wonderful person Demi from Beauty and the mist. She is really nice and talented person and also maintains a You Tube channel as well. please do check her out you will love it..:)

Thanks a lot Demi once again.

Now, time for some facts about me...

  • I do not like tea at all instead i like to drink milk in any form flavoured or plain.
  • I like eye products a lot and thats the reason you will see more of eye products reviews and eyelooks.
  • I cut my hair myself  in layers.
  • I like chandlier earrings a lot.
  • I like songs of Rahat fateh Ali khan a lot.
  • I like doing reconstructing things and have made quite a few decorative pieces.
  • I love customising my clothes by giving them a touch of mine, probably this thing compelled me to do atleast diploma in fashion designing inspite of being an M.Sc student.

Okay, now its time to pas on the award to my fellow bloggers.

Sukanya from
Raaga from
Vish from
Nisha from
Harshita Srivastava from
Vanu from
Shy from
Eerie ray from
Indu from
Jasmine from
Divine Blush from
Gauri from
Shazia from
Shalini from
Bhumika from
Lancy from

I have not taken other names as some of my other blogger friends have either got it or been nominated for it.. if not them my apologies..:)

Thank you for reading and visiting..:)

SunShine Awards Reviewed by Niesha on 8:20 pm Rating: 5 Sunshine Award Hi Everyone, I got yet another award which is the "sunshine award". This has been given to me by a wonde...


  1. hello dear
    thanks for the sweet tag :)

  2. Thank you dear .. for tagging me.. Glad to know about you..

    1. Pleasure was all mine ..:) take care.:)

  3. Replies
    1. my pleasure Sukanya.. :) u were the first blogger i interacted with.. how can i ever forget u :)

  4. Congratulations! Our feelings are mutual as I have the best opinion of you too.
    I am impressed you can cut your own hair.

    1. Ohh thanks so much Demi.. i am glad that i found you.. good to have a friend like you :) :)

  5. OMG!! Neisha you are such a darling :)
    Thank you so much for passing on the award to me :)
    Love ya and congratulations to you are on roll :)

    1. U too... I am a fan of your articles.. :) and you desrve it.. :) waiting to read ur facts..:)

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks preethi,, waiting to read yours..:) :)

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks u so much ..:) and thanks for visiting:)

  8. Congrats and Thanx Niesha!

  9. Congrats Hun!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog hun. Now following you.

  10. Thanks for the Tag Niesha <3

  11. Nice read Niesha ! That you can cut ur own hair , is really amazing :)


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