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Wednesday 9 May 2012

Oriflame Very me Eyeshadow Duo Green Fusion Review

Oriflame Very me Eyeshadow Duo

Hello everyone,
I have got these two products from Oriflame ; a pure color on the go lipstick and the very me eye shadow duo which i got a couple of months ago.
I have used them already so, I thought its high time that I can share my views on them.
Today, I will be reviewing  their Very Me Eye shadow duo which I got in green fusion.
Oriflame Very me Eyeshadow Duo Green
 oriflame eyeshadow

Price – 179 INR ( I do not remember exactly)
Packaging-  It is a small circular dish shaped packaging with a zipper print over it as you can see in the pictures and some part is left transparent so that you can see the colors inside.

oriflame eyeshadow

My Experience- This eyeshadow comes in a flip top pack. I absolutely loved the packaging, it is really cute and travel friendly. however, it does not comes with a inbuilt mirror or a sponge applicator. what i am saying.. In any ways I do have not used even a single applicator that comes with these single/ duo eyeshadows. I have colorbar eyeshadow and i have not even opened the bottom compartment which is solely made for their uniquely shaped applicators, after the day i reviewed them.
Anyways, It has two colors a lime green and a dark green. You can actually do a green eye look with both of them by putting the lighter color on the entire lid area and the darker color on the crease and the outer V or can wear them individually or mix with other colors too. there are so many different ways to use them.. 
I like the colors a lot and their texture. They have a fine subtle shimmer in them which adds on to its texture and gives them this very nice satin finish. They do not crease however, might not last longer if you have not used a base underneath them. Pigmentation is a bit above average and can be built upon. when i use an eye primer it gives a beautiful intense color.
I have used this duo palette to make my own custom lip color.
oriflame eyeshadow

Here are the swatches-
oriflame eyeshadow

And here is a recent eye makeup look which i created using this:

To see the tutorial for this look see: Eye makeup Brown and Green
·         Packaging is cute and travel friendly.
·         It is cheap and works well.
·         Texture is nice and has a satin finish.
·         Fall outs is not a problem.
·         They are decently pigmented.
·         Color combination is good, other colors available has also got a nice combination.
·         It is available only through the Oriflame representatives.
·         It doesnot comes with a mirror or sponge applicator. (any ways they are not used)
·         They will not last long, if a base has not been used.
 Other than that i could not find any other pros or cons worth mentioning.

Rating-  4 out of 5
My Take- A good product which serves its purpose well and has decent pigmentation too and the price at which it comes, makes it a worth buying and trying product. So, go for it try at least one of them. 
Oriflame Very me Eyeshadow Duo Green Fusion Review Reviewed by Niesha on 1:46 pm Rating: 5 Oriflame Very me Eyeshadow Duo Hello everyone, I have got these two products from Oriflame ; a pure color on the go lipstick and...


  1. nice review....lovely colors and beautiful packaging...:)

  2. loved it Niesha :) the color combination is really good and its cheap :)

  3. i like the shades Niesha nice review dear thanks :)

    1. yes Vish.. the color are very subtle are good:)

  4. These two shades r quite unique Niesha..lovely review..am following u now..yay!

    1. Thanks Preetha..:) I cant comment on ur blog so i will comment on the G+.. plz read them:)

  5. pretty shades in girlie packaging

  6. Replies
    1. i also ordered it for the cutness.. more than the shades..:)

  7. Colours are lovely & how cute is the packaging!
    Iv also given you an award :D check it out xxx

    1. yes that is.. and thank u for the award..:)

  8. I love the packaging...will try this out :)

  9. Sure, will certainly do..

  10. wow nice shades niesha :)

    1. thanks Ani, they indeed are nice and the packaging too:)

  11. I love the combination here. It's the amazing. Really! If you combine yourself, it normally turns out very bad. But here you are already given the duo and you just have to blend it well.


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