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Sunday 6 May 2012

Get to know me tag

Get to know me Tag

Hi all,

One of my dear friends puja from cutenailstudio has tagged me for 'get to know me tag'.

here are the rules.

1.Each person should post 11things about themselves.
2. You ahve to answer the questins the tagger has asked you and the 11 points as well.
3.Choose 11 people and link them on your wall.
4.Go to their page and tag them.
5. No tag backs.
6. you legimately have to tag.

By now you would have known me but still i will try to tell u something else as well keeping in mind that it is a public platform and i might not be comfortable sharing some of the things.. hope you understand and got my point.

My facts are.

  1. I am a DIY type of a person.
  2. I love deep purple a lot.
  3. I love reading E- books in my phone.
  4. I love dogs a lot.
  5. I am scared of reptiles especially snakes and lizards.
  6. I am currently addicted in updating my site.
  7. I love eye makeup but  hardly use blush or bronzer ever.
  8. I love nail paints a lot, these were the first thing I used as a child.
  9. I suffer from whiteheads on my nose which goes off completely and then comes back after few months.
  10. I have lot of friends and I love all of them, however, few closed ones.
  11. I feel blessed that I have an elder brother who is an amazing person in all aspects.
now time to answer these questions ..

Q.  What your favorite holiday spot?
Ans. Anywhere, but a cooler place.

Q.  One thing you love about yourself?
Ans. My eyes and the fact that I focus on my work and don't indulge in gossiping or remarks that can hurt anyone!

Q.  One thing you hate about yourself
Ans.. Trusts everyone easily but trying to change this a bit.

Q.  One gadget u like the most?
Ans. My laptop that my brother bought for me

Q.  What is the meaning of your name?
Ans. Night.

Q. Do you like stand up comedians?
Ans.  Yes, if they are entertaining.

Q.. What is the expected no of followers in your first month and did you get the number?
Ans. I didnot expected anything like that, but the way it is going i am happy.

Q. What can we expect from your blog in future?
Ans. More quality reviews, makeup looks, more DIYs etc.

Q,. What kind of eyemakeup, nail paint and blush u would like to put on?
Ans. I like eyeliner and mascara a lot, all colors of nail paints and I am not a regular blush user.

and i am tagging all of you .:)

Get to know me tag Reviewed by Niesha on 8:02 pm Rating: 5 Get to know me Tag Hi all, One of my dear friends puja from cutenailstudio has tagged me for 'get to know me tag'. here are t...


  1. Interesting answers...though u skipped some question but I can understand......:)

    1. thanks so much for understanding puja..:)

  2. thanks Neisha for tagging me

  3. yes you do have lovely eyes !!

  4. helloo Niesha thanks a lot for tagging me :) :) and it was fun to knw u
    i like reading e books too but on kindle

    1. my pleasure.. Vish..:) i amm an avid reader..:)

  5. good to know abt u dear....Thanks for tagging me too..btw u have cute lips too..:)

    1. Ha ha ha.. thanks a lot :) Preethi..:)

  6. Replies
    1. thats why i love tags.. you get to know ur friends a lot..:)

  7. Thanx for tagging Niesha:) I'l do the post soon!


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