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Monday, 23 April 2012

Khadi Sandalon and Rose face pack

Khadi Sandalon and Rose Face Pack
Hi Everyone,
I bought this khadi face pack from recently. So, will be reviewing it today. They are available in other variants as well like sandal, neem etc and I got the one in sandalon and rose. I have not used khadi products yet except for their soap once.
Keep on reading to know more about this face pack:


Price- 90
Quantity- 50 gms

khadi face pack
khadi face pack

Packaging- It a loose powder formula packaged in a stainless steel small container with a lid.
I find the packaging to be unique since this is the first time i was seeing a product
What the company claims An ayuvedic product which gives clean & polished look to the skin and improves the complexion. Khadi Sandalon-Rose face pack is ideal to make your skin shiny and charming.

khadi face pack

How to use- Clean your face. Take a teaspoonful of facepack powder and mix it with plain water, rose water, cucumber juice or milk as per the preference and the skin type. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with plain water.
My Experience- As I do have combination skin with normal cheeks and an oily T zone, I use this once a week with rose water. I liked the way it absorbs the excess oil and makes your skin fresh and clean. It also gives a brightening effects as well. 
·         It is easily available online and khadi shops.
·         It is not expensive for the quantity given.
·         Loose powder formulation makes it suitable for every skin type as it can be used on all the skin types by mixing it with the appropriate base.
·         Makes skin look firmer, brighter and clean.
·         Rose and sandalon powder gives a refreshed feeling.
could not think of any cons worth mentioning..
Rating- 4 out of 5
My Take- It is a regular face pack which works fine for every skin type for that clean, firm and brighter effect. However, there should always a patch or allergy test done before applying any product like face pack, bleach etc...
Khadi Sandalon and Rose face pack Reviewed by Niesha on 2:52 pm Rating: 5 Khadi Sandalon and Rose Face Pack Hi Everyone, I bought this khadi face pack from recently. So, will be reviewing it...


  1. i too have combination oily skin...will definetely try this....

    1. same with me Ritzii.. even i have combi skin.. but it is s a good product..:)

  2. Seems lyk a gr88 prdct to try, Me too combi skin gals and will give it a try and let me whether this prodcut will work on dark spots too??

    1. its a decent product and it might prove a bit useful for dark spots too... however using other natural remedies would prove more effective...

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