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Sunday 1 April 2012

Biotique Fresh Kelp growth protein shampoo review

Biotique Fresh kelp Growth protein shampoo.
Hi everyone,
Since childhood, I had thick and silky hair but 6 months ago, I realized that my hair started falling more than they normally would hence, I got the signal that my voluminous hair has started losing its volume. Hair fall can be due to many factors directly or indirectly affecting us like stress, hormonal changes,  pollution, infection, hereditary, dietary inadequacy to name a few.
One day, as I was browsing some online shopping site, I saw this BIOTIQUE Fresh Kelp Growth protein shampoo. I ordered it immediately as I am very fond of herbal products and the brand was apparently promising.
Biotique Fresh Kelp growth protein shampoo

Price- 99 INR
Quantity- 120 ml

What the company claims- This nourishing shampoo is a blend of pure kelp, natural proteins, peppermint oil and mint leaf extract, to gently cleanse hair and invigorate the scalp for fresh growth and healthier shine.
Packaging- It’s a regular bottle with green colored cap and a sky blue colored shampoo.

Biotique Fresh growth protein shampoo
Biotique Fresh Kelp growth protein shampoo india

My experience: When I first used this shampoo, It reminded me of clinic plus shampoo and I also realized that it requires more than the usual quantity that we use to wash all of your hair completely as it would just not lather properly. After the wash while I was finger combing my hair then, there were tangles in them, resulting in hair fall and breakage. In spite, of the fact that I have silky straight hair and the major thing that I did not like at all was that there were lots of hairs present in the bathroom which were even more than the usual hair fall I was suffering from at that time. It's a completely no for me and i will not recommend it to anyone.
  • Packaging is just like a regular bottle, nothing fancy.
  • It is cheap and available in shops and online.
  • Fragrance is not overpowering and it is not tested on animals.
  • It is less viscous and flowy.
  • It requires a lot of product to completely wash your hair. If you have oiled your hair nicely then, I guess half of the bottle is gone. LOL
  • It is not at all conditioning. It made even my natural silky hair very dry can’t think of what it will do to dry hair.
  • It resulted in more hair fall, which made me hate it.
  • After the hair wash, I had lots of tangles which resulted in more hair loss while combing even with a wide toothed comb.
  • I did not feel anything like peppermint in this while using.
  • Claim that it makes the hair shiny is not true.
My take: I personally did not like the product at all as I do have silky straight hair and it made them dry, brittle and shine less. It also made hair fall worse which is really bad. I personally will not recommend it to any one. It might work for some of you but for me its a no.
Biotique Fresh Kelp growth protein shampoo review Reviewed by Niesha on 4:06 pm Rating: 5 Biotique Fresh kelp Growth protein shampoo. Hi everyone, Since childhood, I had thick and silky hair but 6 months ago, I realized t...


  1. I too am not a fan of Biotique hair care products. Nice review!

    1. thanks rakshanda... it was not at all a good product..

  2. Would give it a miss........even their margosa shampoo is a dud !!

    1. yes tanmayee... plz dont use it. it is seriously good for nothing.. :) :)

  3. sorry it didnt work for you.. this is one of my favorite shampoos.. i have dry really helped with hairfall also.. makes hair really its sls paraben free..:).. i love the fresh mint feeling it gives...

    1. ohh thats great it worked for you.. i can understands if something is not working for me might work for someone..:)


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