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Tuesday 27 March 2012

Streetwear stay on longwear and waterproof eyeliner- onyx

Hello everyone,
Today I will be reviewing STREETWEAR stay on longwear and waterproof eyeliner. I bought this eyeliner a couple of months ago. These days, I am more into pencil eyeliners instead of the liquid eyeliners as the pencil eyeliners are easy and quick to apply. You don’t have to wait for it to dry, they can survive the hot humid weather better. Moreover, if you made a mistake that can be easily corrected with a Q tip dipped in makeup remover.

Streetwear eyeliner

Price-  INR 350.
Quantity- 0.35 gms
Packaging-  It is a retractable style eyeliner pencil that doesn’t need sharpening. Packaging consists of silver case with a black cap that represents the color inside. It is very slim and light weight.

What the company claims- Street Wear Stay on Long wear & Waterproof Eyeliner has silky smooth texture so, that it glides on easily, adds drama and definition to your eyes. The rich color stays on all day and won’t smear, smudge or fade and gives a precise definition to eyes.

Streetwear waterproof eyeliner- onyx

My Experience- It is a cute looking slim eye pencil that comes in a retractable style  which prevents any wastage of the product due to sharpening. However, drawing thin lines can be a bit of a problem with the blunt end. I have used this eyeliner for quite a considerable amount of time and my experience with this one was okay. I washed my face and it was still there. But I must say that the claim of longwear and waterproof are true.Texture is a nice but the formula is a bit dry since there is a tugging when you apply it which make the eyeliner application with this pencil a little tricky. Pigmentation is great same color in a single swipe but i always kind of like the formulation and the pigmentation of the Faces Canada eye liner pencils, they are smooth and still smudgeproof but anyways i like this one as well and by the time you will be reading it i have finished it already but, since i like to try different things so i will not be repurchasing it.
Streetwear stay on longwear and waterproof eyeliner
Streetwear eyeliner
Streetwear eyeliner
Streetwear stay on eyeliner

  • Nice and slim cute looking pencil with a secure cap.
  • Pigmentation is really good and can be built with more swipes.
  • It is smudge proof to some extent.
  • Once it sets on your eyes, it only comes out when you want.
  • It is certainly a long wear and waterproof eyeliner. Hence it justifies its name that the company has given it.
  • Texture is okay.
  • Availability should not be an issue as I have seen this on many online shopping websites and local stores as well.
  • Available in other colors as well.
  • It is expensive as compared to the other good options available.
  • Not creamy enough, so it does tug the eyelids and you have to be a little tricky so get that smooth eyeliner application.
  • Due to its blunt end fine lines cannot be drawn. 
These are the only pros and cons, I could think of about this product.
My take- It is a bit expensive considering the other brands available. However, if you are looking for an eyeliner that can last long and has good pigmentation then you should try it. It doesn't smudges much as well.
Rating-  I would give it 3.5 out of 5

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Streetwear stay on longwear and waterproof eyeliner- onyx Reviewed by Niesha on 4:33 pm Rating: 5 Hello everyone, Today I will be reviewing STREETWEAR stay on longwear and waterproof eyeliner. I bought this eyeliner a couple of m...


  1. It looks quite good and dark in the picture. My Chambor eye pencil (priced around the same) does not look this dark on upper lid and cannot be used as an eyeliner without an eye shadow. I like the retractable ones. So handy.

    1. Trust me dear, it is really dark. i loved it and has used it up.:)
      Even i like retractable ones.


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