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Friday 23 March 2012

Ciba Vision Freshlook colorblends lenses Green review

I have been using colored contacts for the past couple of years from most of the affordable brands available and colors ranging from blue to gray lenses and greens to browns.
Today, I will be reviewing cum showing you my recently purchased Ciba Vision FRESHLOOK colorblends in Green.
freshlook colorblends
Freshlook Colorblends comes in affordable opaque colors with maximum possible lens concentration blends 3 colors into one to create the subtle, natural depth of your eyes.

Price- 995 INR ( you can get online for around 500 INR)
Quantity- 2 lenses of same power or color in a box. 
Colors available- Freshlook colorblends comes in 12 different shades to choose from. You can see the colors here-

My experience- They are monthly disposables and are available as plano (without power) or with power. I use the ones in power. As far the color is concerned it is actually a blend of three colors. Outer rim is dark in color followed by the olive green color then the yellowish brown color around the pupil. This pattern makes them look almost natural if in case you choose the right color that goes really well with your complexion.These are the ones that I bought after bausch and Lomb Pure Optima In Pure Hazel and Color India!
freshlook colorblends contacts
FRESHLOOK colorblends in Green.
FRESHLOOK colorblends in Green.
Ciba Vision Freshlook colorblends lenses Green review Reviewed by Niesha on 7:04 pm Rating: 5 I have been using colored contacts for the past couple of years from most of the affordable brands available and colors ranging from...


  1. I tried these last friday only and for some reason they were not comfortable at all :( I too have been wearing contact since last 4+ yrs and never faced any issues but these were making my eyes red and even i felt it blurred out the image..may be they were not settled properly..have you faced such an issue? also which other brands colored contacts would you recommend for monthly usage..I too have power..thanks!

  2. yes parita. lenses may take some time to settle. you can try bausch and lomb optima.. i have never had any problem with them.. i bought freshlook cause they were cheaper and some how they were giving me the same comfort as my B & L ones. you should try bausch and i have also heard good things about the brand ARYAN from my optician. hope this helps you. TC..

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    1. I liked ur blog especially the reviews section. Keep your articles coming. I enojy reading them

  4. This was one of my favorite colors! I've ordered this more than once! Quite natural on dark brown eyes and very easy to wear!

  5. are there any other green lenses with enlarging effect that you would recommend?

    1. You can try Colorvue Party green they can make eyes look bigger.
      read here:

      hope it helps.:)


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