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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Oshea Aprifresh Apricot Scrub Review and How to Use

Oshea Aprifresh Apricot Scrub Review

Hi all, Scrubbing is an important part of the skin care routine. It will exfoliate the dull and tired skin and it will also lead to a smoother skin. The dead skin cells and other things like bumps etc can make the skin look patchy and uneven as well. I will review this Oshea Aprifresh Apricot Scrub.

Price: Oshea Aprifresh Apricot Scrub is for 135 rupees for 120 g pack

About the product:
Oshea Herbals, the leading manufacturer of herbal cosmetics has commenced Oshea Aprifresh Apricot Scrub which deeply penetrates the skin and exfoliates the dull skin. This gentle scrub is specially formulated to renew skin complexion naturally by exfoliating with the special cleansing action of Apricot & Walnut shell. Added with precious herbs along with natural light quality granules, it deeply scours the skin, removes dead cells and cleanses clogged pores to reveal smooth, refreshed and glowing skin.

How to Use: For quick results, massage with Oshea Aprifresh Apricot Scrub for 2-3 minutes; gently pressurize more on black & white heads, avoid scrubbing on pimples and wash it off with fresh water. This product is a great buy for the one who wishes for flawless and naturally glowing skin and is effective for all skin types if used daily.

Experience with Oshea Aprifresh Apricot Scrub

Oshea Aprifresh Apricot Scrub is packaged in a peach colored tube. This scrub is light peachy in color and has the walnut scrub particles. This scrub is not extremely dense or very loose but has the good amount of scrubbing particles that helps to exfoliate the skin.
Oshea scrub is creamy and is good for scrubbing the skin. This is also great for dry to normal skin like it is for oily to combination skin as the creamy base is not sticky or greasy.

I will take around a small dime size of this scrub. Then would splash some water on my face and apply this all over and then gently massage the face in circular motions.
After rinsing the face with clear water, this feels smooth and softer. I think regular scrubbing is very important for the people with oily skin.

The price of this scrub is also affordable and good as this pack would last really long.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Oshea Aprifresh Apricot Scrub is a decent scrub that helps to gently exfoliate the skin and keeps the skin smoother. It will aid in the removal of whiteheads, blackheads and small bumps that we have on our face. Moreover, this product is inexpensive. There are no cons as such as it does what a good facial scrub should do.
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Oshea Aprifresh Apricot Scrub Review and How to Use Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 8:00 pm Rating: 5 Oshea Aprifresh Apricot Scrub Review Hi all,  Scrubbing is an important part of the skin care routine. It will exfoliate the dull and ...

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