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Monday, 6 February 2017

Oshea herbals Cocoa honey Moisturizing Lotion Review

Oshea herbals Cocoa honey Moisturizing Lotion

Hi girls!!
I will be reviewing this Oshea herbals Cocoa honey Moisturizing Lotion today. I have got this 3 weeks ago and this is most current one. I have used a lot of body lotions and moisturizing creams this winter and this can easily be called as one of the best but conditions apply. Let’s see how this fared for me.

Price of Oshea herbals Cocoa honey Moisturizing Lotion: 180 rupees for 120 ml pack

Claims: Protective lotion that hydrates skin all day long. Maintains the pH balance of skin and enhances its moisture retention capacity. Contain Plant extract, which improves skin firmness & elasticity. An all purpose moisturizing lotion that promotes soft, silky and smooth skin.  ACTIVE INGREDIENTS : Cocoa Butter- Excellent Skin emollient that restore skin moisture & suppleness. Rose water- Refines & regulates skin pores. Honey- Nourishes & softens skin , natural antiseptic. Almond oil-Improves complexion & retains glow, delays ageing process Relieves dry and itching skin. Aloe Vera Gel - Excellent Moisturizing & skin healing properties.

Experience with Oshea herbals Cocoa Honey Moisturizing Lotion
This moisturizing lotion come in a small rectangular pump pack which works well and can be carried when you travel. The lotion is white in color and has thick consistency which gets massaged in the skin nicely. Like there are some lotions which takes time to get absorbed in the skin but this lotion gets easily absorbed. Once it gets blended it leaves a beautiful velvety and soft skin. I am using this currently as the winter coldness has reduced considerably and lotion like this works well. The texture is thick yet this gives immense nourishment. This is formulated or normal to dry skin but honestly, I think for dry skin this will be nourishing for couple of hours only post which you will have to reapply. But having said that, this is good for people like me who have got normal skin.
This contains cocoa butter, honey and aloe vera which are some of the best ingredient to heal and nourish the dry dull skin. Overall, I am liking this lotion for its price, properties and feel which is non greasy.

Rating: 4 out of 5
Niesha Jeenwal

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Oshea herbals Cocoa honey Moisturizing Lotion Review Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 1:13 pm Rating: 5 Oshea herbals Cocoa honey Moisturizing Lotion Hi girls!! I will be reviewing this Oshea herba...

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