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Thursday, 16 March 2017

New Whisper Ultra Soft for the comfort we need

New Whisper Ultra Soft for the comfort we need

Hi girls, today, I will be talking about the New Whisper Ultra Soft sanitary napkins. While we get periods it makes us moody, craving for certain things along with cramps etc. but one thing that we should always take care of is the hygiene and care. Sanitary napkins are hygienic and makes the periods days easier to pass through. I have the New Whisper Ultra Soft with me and I believe that we should feel comfortable during the period days. There are several napkins in the markets with various features, shapes etc to suit the requirements so what is different in this new Whisper, let’s find out.

Price: 69 rupees
About the New Whisper Ultra Soft: It is

·  2X softer that feels extra gentle to skin
·  has special soft pores that drive liquid to the core where it is locked
·  has longer length with wider back for long lasting performance 

Experience with New Whisper Ultra Soft

I got this cutesy round basket along with the sample. Even if this wasn’t sent honestly I would have tried it since I use this brand only but the different variant.
The surface of the pad that is suppose to touch the intimate area is really soft which I liked since when you wear napkins for long hours then there can be rashes, burning, itching etc, hence to combat that this has been made even softer and softness mean comfort for me. The pads are also a bit bigger on the back side so that we do not have to worry about if the leakage is too much at times. Since while we sit that the liquid pushes through to the back more. Hence, this feature is good for the days when the flow is heavy or for those who face heavy flow periods.

The another thing that we try to have in our sanitary pads is the lasting power. If the pad is not that high absorbing then you need to change frequently which may not be a problem while you are at home but while you are at work or travelling then changing is not much possible or easier hence the absorbing power is really something we should look at. While I travel and I know that I may not change the pad for the next 5-6 hours I make sure that I use the high absorbing ones. So, that way too this is really good. The tiny pores that this has lock the flow and won’t let it squeeze out which means extra comfort and ease.

Moreover the worry free days as I get really worried when the flow is heavy and I am out of the home.
As women, we need to feel comfortable even during the period days and Periods should not hold us back from doing what we want. I rely a lot on New Whisper Ultra Soft now since even during heavy days, I can go around and travel which I used to refrain otherwise due to fear of spotting etc. Furthermore, hygiene with comfort is really important for every woman.
So girls for me the New Whisper Ultra Soft is Soft that gives utmost Comfort.
I will recommend it to you as well, a pack or 2 will last for the one duration of the period hence the price is also economical.

Rating: 5 out of 5
Niesha Jeenwal

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New Whisper Ultra Soft for the comfort we need Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 2:00 pm Rating: 5 New Whisper Ultra Soft for the comfort we need Hi girls, today, I will be talking about the New Whisper Ultra Soft sanitary napkins. Wh...

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