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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Lakme Complexion Care Color Transform Cream Review

Lakme Complexion Care Color Transform Cream Review
Hi girls, I like using CC creams or BB creams since when we use the heavy foundations no matter how closely the color matches, still the skin looks a bit cakey. Therefore, for mostly the day time, I prefer using CC creams. I have already reviewed Lakme CC cream if you remember, 2 years ago. 

When this Lakme Complexion Care Color Transform Cream was launched I was wondering what exactly is different in this CC cream. Well, this has a color transform formula due to which this will give priming, moisturization and then changes the color to match with your natural skin tone. This product is launched in 2 shades i.e. Beige and Bronze just like the previous Lakme CC cream. Let’s see how these two have worked for me.

Price: Lakme Complexion Care Color Transform Cream is priced at 325 rupees.

Experience with Lakme Complexion Care Color Transform Cream
The packaging of this cream too resembles a lot like the earlier version and I liked it. Very travel friendly and can be kept in the bag. I liked it but the price is not the same, it is slightly expensive than that.

As I said this product is available in two shades i.e. Beige and Bronze. I have both and tried both of them. The creams are like skin creams which are whitish in color while a lot of BB creams would be beige or skin colored but these are whitish. The texture is medium and cream like only but have got few tiny beady things in them.
Using these creams is very easy just apply it on the face like normal creams and blend. I find that a lot of BB or CC creams would be not that easy to get blended but this is really easy. At fits this look slightly ashy and then matches my skin color. The beige one suits me while the Bronze one gets oxidized and does not suit my complexion hence, I would say that a lot of us with medium to dark skin tone can use bronze while fair skinned ladies can try Beige.

The oxidizing thing is not new since a lot of foundation, BB creams and even compacts will do that for our Indian skin tones.
I like the cream’s texture and blendability. Moreover, this gives a priming effect and also the moisturization. I have oily combination skin and this really gives moisturization and concealing too. This is a good everyday cream that I can try in winters. I am saying Autumn winter since this is slightly oily for me during summers.

I am saying this as I know oily skin and how it behaves under scorching summer heat. My skin is combination, so after 4 hours approx, this will make my skin look oily which I can not complaint about as that happens with even the expensive foundations out there.
This Color Transform Cream gives sheer coverage which is good for natural look, I am really liking it for that. I can use some compact so that the skin looks even more perfect. This Lakme Complexion Care Color Transform Cream has SPF 30 which is good as I skip sunscreens most of the times because of the sheer laziness you see.
Pros of Lakme Complexion Care Color Transform Cream
I like the packaging.
This is good for daily wear for a natural coverage
It does not look cakey
It has SPF 30
It is very easy to get blended just like creams
Gives moisturization and priming
Easy travel friendly packaging.
Beige matches my skin tone while bronze gets a tad darker
Good for 4 hours approx for oily skin.
Cons of Lakme Complexion Care Color Transform Cream
There should have been more shades
Slightly oily for combination skin during summers
Coverage is light
Rating: 3.75 out of 5
Take: This is good for everyday use when you have combination or normal or even dry skin. Oily skinned ones can use compacts over it during summers. This Color Transform Cream stays for 4 hours in its best possible state and I liked the blendabilty also.
Niesha Jeenwal

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Lakme Complexion Care Color Transform Cream Review Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 12:43 pm Rating: 5 Lakme Complexion Care Color Transform Cream Review Hi girls, I like using CC creams or BB creams...


  1. There should have been more number of shades.
    Does it make you sweat ?

  2. For a shade named bronze that is quite pale.


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