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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Fab Bag January 2016 Review, Products and Photos

Fab Bag January 2016 Review, Products and Photos

Hi girls!!
I will unwrap the Fab Bag today. Every month, I wait for this bag as the bag itself is as enticing as the product sample within. This month’s bag is extremely cute. Just look at it yourself, the printed bag is loaded with cuteness and  is the perfect choice to carry the makeup essentials. 

I received 4 sample products in this month’s Fab bag. Let's find out what are those.

Votre Face Serum
The serum comes in a dark glass bottle which has a dropper at the top. The dark bottle prevents the essentials oils in it from getting bad. I will be using this face serum since winters have taken a toll on my face and my skin is getting drier. This is for 1670 rupees for 12ml.

BBlunt hair Polish for Instant Shine
I already have full sized bottle for this product but this tiny bottle will be apt to keep in my bag for that instant shine. It costs 250 rupees.

Natural Bath and Body Vitamin E whipped cream and French Red Clay mask
These 2 products have really caught my eye as the red clay mask will be good for my combination skin and the vitamin E whipped cream is extremely hydrating and makes the skin velvety. I really liked them both. Just used it on my arm and loved the feel and texture of the whipped cream.

Bella Pierre Mineral Lipstick
Last but not the least is this Bella Pierre Mineral Lipstick in the shade Ruby. I already have this and when I got the newsletter from Fab bag to pick up a product for January Fab Bag, I chose this again as the color was beautiful and also I can gift this to my acquaintances or relatives.

January Fab bag was the beauty Resolution bag considering January is the month when we make resolutions. I liked the 6 beauty resolutions that are there in the Fab post. Have a look. 

I really agree with the sunscreen application, makeup removal before going to bed and healthy diet. Not that I don’t agree with the rest.

I will say go and pick up the January Fab Bag soon to get this cutesy pouch and the samples which are really good for the price paid.
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Niesha Jeenwal

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Fab Bag January 2016 Review, Products and Photos Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 8:04 pm Rating: 5 Fab Bag January 2016 Review, Products and Photos Hi girls!! I will unwrap the Fab Bag today. Every month, I wait for this bag as the ...


  1. I'm impatiently waiting for my bag to arrive. This month's bag has some great products.

  2. I am not satisfied with the products that I have received in fab bag. The main reason for ordering this was the Bella pierre lip color which was replaced with some other brands and color. Secondly it also does not have bblunt hair polish for insta shine. I am disappointed

    Sweety Jain

  3. I was jot sent moodmatcher lipstick which i chose rather i got seasoul candle... disappointed this time..

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