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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Veda Fruit Body Lotion Review

Veda Fruit Body Lotion Review

Hi everyone!!
I will review a body lotion in this post from a new brand. I am talking about this Veda fruit body lotion that is fortified with banana and papaya. I personally love both of these fruits for their benefits in making the skin texture smoother and glowing.

Price: 80 rupees for 200 ml

Experience with Veda fruit body lotion
The body lotion comes in a white plastic bottle with a flip top cap. The bottle is sturdy and travel friendly. The lotion is thick and creamy white which gets rubbed into the skin after some massaging. I generally like to apply or massage the body lotion on my damp skin after the shower. This way the lotion gets into the skin more readily and skin gets nourished deeply. I liked the faint smell of this lotion which is light yet refreshing. This keeps my normal body skin hydrated for up to 8 plus hours which is good for a regular body lotion. I like to use this at night since the fruit extracts in this lotion always entice me to give that fruity treat to my skin at night, when the skin rejuvenates faster.

Veda is a new brand, yet the couple of products that I have tried are very affordable and effective. They have listed the complete ingredients list on the back of the bottle, in case you’re interested.
Overall, I liked the lotion and would like to use it again more for the daily usage and its affordability.

Pros of Veda Fruit Body Lotion

  • Packaging
  • Price
  • Moisturization of up to 8 plus hours for normal skin
  • Ingredients list is mentioned

Cons of Veda Fruit Body Lotion

  • Availability
  • Very dry skin will need to reapply

Rating: 4 out of 5

Those of you who are looking for effective and affordable body lotion should try this Veda Fruit Body Lotion.
PR Sample: Views are honest as always!!
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