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Sunday, 6 September 2015

O-Lens Jenith 3 Green Colored Contact Lenses Review, and Details

O-Lens Jenith 3 Green Review and Details

Hi girls!! How are you all doing?  I realized that I have not reviewed any contact lenses for the past couple of months. I liked to wear contact lenses for 2 reasons, first to correct my vision and second for the color. You may have seen that I have not posted any picture without the contacts since I have never bought plain contact lenses, as I feel If I have to wear contacts then why not use the colored ones. A month ago, I was thinking of getting a new pair of contact lenses and this time I wanted to buy them since I had circles lenses which make my eyes look huge and most of them are not that natural looking. So, I wanted to get a pair of contact lenses which looked natural. It was then I got these O-Lens Jenith 3 green contact lenses. So, let’s start the review dearies and let you know more about why I genuinely liked them.

Price: These O-Lens Jenith 3 lenses are for 1690 Rupees in India and the wear time for these lenses is 6 months, if you will compare that with that of the popular lenses brands in India like Colorblends, Bausch and Lomb etc which are ware monthly or quarterly. Then these lenses are very affordable that way. Here is their official India website: http://www.o-lens.co.in/

I say affordable since people like me who will wear contact lenses every single day needs something that looks natural and should be economical. By the way this is a Korean Brand and Korea is known to be the beauty hub of world. They have just ventured in India and I really wish they should continue with that. Why? You will get to know in the review soon.
The Jenith 3 range has got 6 colors:
Like O-Lens Jenith 3 Brown
O-Lens Jenith 3 Green (Which I have got)
O-Lens Jenith 3 natural Grey
O-Lens Jenith 3 Pink
O-Lens Jenith 3 Blue
O-Lens Jenith 3 Sky Grey

Experience with O-Lens Jenith 3 Green
O-Lens Jenith 3 Green is a color which looks extremely natural since the diameter is not crazily big as that of the circle lenses and on my dark brown eyes they look more like hazel green which goes really well with my complexion. The darker outer ring and the lighter inner most color gives this a more natural look even in the harsh day light. As I have noticed that in day light some colored contact lenses can look fake in a moment but with these there is nothing like that.
Normally the daily wear time of the contact lenses is 10 hours and I have used them for 12 plus hours without any problem therefore comfort wise as well they are really amazing and I am saying all that from the point of a consumer who daily use them. The price is another thing that makes me love these lenses as even if I get contact lenses for review purpose most of the times, these lenses are something, that I would like to purchase for the natural look, make and the price.

I liked this color on my eyes and next I am willing to try the grey ones since I like greys for the evening time.

Rating: 5 out of 5
Take: O-Lens Jenith 3 Green lenses not just look natural and beautiful but the price point for 6 months is yet another feature that I liked about these contacts. They are of good quality and comfortable for daily use but I will also mention that you should always handle the contact lenses with care irrespective of the brand you are using. I will recommend these to daily contact lenses users who wish to get colored lenses in budget and with total comfort.
Niesha Jeenwal

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O-Lens Jenith 3 Green Colored Contact Lenses Review, and Details Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 2:14 am Rating: 5 O-Lens Jenith 3 Green Review and Details Hi girls!! How are you all doing?   I realized that I have not reviewed any contact lenses for...


  1. Wow. They look so nice on you. I love coloured eyes but whenever I wear lenses they irritate my eyes so much that I end up removing them. Ugh!

  2. I really wish to try coloured lenses some day :)


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