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Friday, 25 September 2015

My Envy Box September Edition 2015 Products and Photos

My Envy Box September Edition 2015

Hi girls!!
I am with this silver Box today. I mean this month’s My Envy Box. I have around more than a dozen of these boxes. One day while I was arranging these boxes in the cupboard, my mum said that you have got so many boxes and in every color, except for the silver. Since I have got a gold colored earlier therefore she missed a silver box and guess what, this month a silver box came.:)

Let’s take a look at the goodies that are there in September My Envy Box 2015.

Za Total Hydration face wash
I am already usng the full sized sample of Za Total hydration face wash which Za India had sent me couple of weeks ago, so, I will use this too.By the way, I will be posting the review soon and that is something to try. I am happy with that.

Trussardi Donna Eau De Perfume
This fragrance is just AMAZING. Yes, amazing in capital letters. I loved it. I will definitely put it in my wish list for sure.
Davidoff Shower gel
This is a 75 ml tube and the full sized 150 ml tube of this shower gel is for 1800 rupees therefore this is quite a good size. I was concerned about the manufacturing date since that was no where mentioned. But anyways. 

Catrice Ultime Color Lipstick
I am glad that My Envy Box has continued to include the makeup products too in the boxes. I have liked Catrice products and now have got 4-5 of them. This time they have sent a lipstick. The packaging is really good. Somehow, this is really heavy. The color is a nude pink which is a very natural looking pink. I think those of you who love to sport neutral lip colors will absolutely love this color. But I am not a neutral lip color lover, I am more into brighter shades.

So, these were the 4 products that I had received in this month’s My Envy Box.
I won’t say I am highly impressed but this was rather is decent box. A full sized lipsticks and a decently sized shower gel was worth. I will advise you to try the Za total hydration face wash, if you have got that in your box since I liked it and that fares well for oily skin.
So, that was it from me today.
Have a great day dearies.
By the way, I am not quite active on social media these days since I am working on some project therefore, if you have any concerns then do mail me, I check mails frequently rather than my social media inboxes. :)
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