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Monday, 31 August 2015

Oriflame Colour Impact Cream Eye shadows Rose Gold & Olive Green Review

Oriflame Colour Impact Cream Eye shadows Rose Gold & Olive Green Review

Hi girls!!
I will review these 2 The one Colour Impact cream eye shadows by Oriflame. I am really surprised by the eye shadow why, how, how come? I will let you know about all that soon. :) so let’s start scan these 2 cute pots inside out.
These Oriflame The One Colour Impact Cream eye shadows were launched in 6 different shades like Rose gold, Olive green, Golden Brown, Intense Plum, Deep Indigo and Shimmering steel.

These are priced are 449 rupees.
I always had this complaint that Oriflame products are not so readily available unless you catch hold of a representative, which I can’t most of the times. But the good news is that I recently saw that oriflame also starting taking online orders. You can buy these from here, you check out the link for future reference.

Experience with Oriflame The One Colour Impact Cream eye shadows

These eye shadows are packaged in plastic pots and remind me a lot of the gel eyeliners packaging. I like that the pots are made up of plastic since I tend to drop things when I am in rush therefore its a big thumbs up for the plastic case.
These eye shadows have a very amazing texture which I really liked it’s because as soon as I swatch or blend them, they will be creamy but they will transform into very fine and light satiny powder texture. 
For those of you, who still struggle with the eye shadow application, can work with these eye shadows lot easier than the regular powder eye shadows as they tend to fall out or get patchy if not blended well. But since these oriflame eye shadows have a smooth texture which transforms from cream to powder, it becomes really easy to blend them over the eyes.  

I have these 2 shades from the range which are Olive green and Rose Gold.
Olive Green: I like green as a color. This color is true to its name Olive green. It can be worn on its own as a single eyelid color or when combined with a smokey brown or black for a smokey eye evening makeup look.
Rose Gold: Rose gold too is true to its name, a beautiful color it is. I was literally in love with this color as soon as I swatched this. Not because this will fare well as any eye shadow but I was thinking this can double up as a brow highlighter, inner corner highlighter or even to highlight the cheekbones or cupid bow etc. The non greasy texture and formula with finely milled shimmers in these eye shadows makes them the metallic yet very subtle to be worn and carried off easily.

I have used these couple of times and they did not crease actually my eyes are not deep set so most of the eye shadows won't crease on my eyes. These stayed for entire day except little bit of fading. It may be because since they are not extremely creamy. But I say that with eye primers they will last all day long with the same intensity.

Here for this eye makeup, I have used the Rose Gold on the brow bone.

I really liked these eye shadows but only wished they should have been slightly lesser in price. With Oriflame, I can expect that you can grab these at some offer since Oriflame does provide discount and offers in the festival month. So, do keep an eye on that as I will really recommend these eye shadows.
I will get Golden brown for myself soon as I saw the swatch of that the other day and gosh!! the color was just too pretty to be ignored.

Rating: 4 out of 5
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Oriflame Colour Impact Cream Eye shadows Rose Gold & Olive Green Review Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 2:53 pm Rating: 5 Oriflame Colour Impact Cream Eye shadows Rose Gold & Olive Green Review Hi girls!! I will...


  1. Rose gold is such a pretty shade. Would like to try this one.

  2. Both colors are gorgeous! Although rose gold looks quite peach in the photo! I love a good creamy easy to blend cream shadow! :)


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