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Friday, 21 August 2015

Fab Bag August 2015 Cast a Spell Edition Review and Products

Fab Bag August 2015 Cast a Spell Edition Review and Products

Hi all, I am with this month’s Fab bag. This month’s bag has this theme cast a spell. This is inspired with fairytale. I love the pink bag. I like that every month Fab Bag will choose different bags that can be used for gifting and for storing makeup, beauty products etc.
Fab Bag August 2015 Cast a Spell Edition

I am sure most of you already know about the Fab Bag. But if you aren’t then this is a beauty subscription service where you have to pay 599 rupees per month. And every month you can expect 5 beauty and makeup related samples put together in a bag like this. The theme and style of the bag changes and the bag itself can be used for a lot of other purposes. So, it’s not just the goodies that you get but the bag also.
So, In this month’s bag the goodies were really interesting at least for me.  I got these:

Fab Bag August 2015 Cast a Spell Edition

1. Fran Wilson Mood Matcher lipstick in Orange

Fab Bag August 2015 Cast a Spell Edition

I have a long story to go with these orange color changing lipsticks. I still remember I used to get these orange lipsticks and would use them to get a softer and natural looking lip color. I have used them for 3-4 years I guess. Therefore, I am definitely trying this one out. This lipstick costs 590 Rupees and this is a full sized product. 

2. Bioderma SPF 30 Fluid sunscreen

Fab Bag August 2015 Cast a Spell Edition

I don’t have problem with tiny sunscreen samples as they can be tried for 5-6 times which can give a fair enough idea about the actual product unlike the skin whitening or Anti-aging cream samples which takes time to get an idea. So again, I am pleased with this sample. 

3. Roots Professional Morocvita Argan Oil

Fab Bag August 2015 Cast a Spell Edition

I love Argan oil as it can efficiently help to detangle the hair and adds a beautiful sheen to the hair. I like Livon morocco silk serum due to this very fact that that serum has Argan oil. Even Fab bag had included a sample of that earlier. 

4. Divo Eyelash curler

This eyelash curler costs 150 Rupees and it arrived at the right time. :) I was using Oriflame eyelash curler but that seems to stop giving good results hence this is the one I will be using form now on. Thanks Fab bag for including this. :)
I think, every girl needs an eye lash curler as curled lashes can make so much difference the way eyes look. Just apply a dash of mascara and you are good to good.

5. Ital Veloce Fine fragrance Body mist- Valvatina

Fab Bag August 2015 Cast a Spell Edition

This mist has a soft floral fragrance which is very soothing, refreshing and gentle. The best thing is that the full sized pack is for 499 rupees for 210 ml which is very affordable. Therefore, I may get the full size of this product.

While I was checking out this Fab post mini magazine, I came across this little quiz which will let you know which fairy tale princess you are? It was quite interesting. :)

Have a look at this hairstyle too. Isn't that gorgeous, Ahh I love it!! <3


By the way dearies, if you’re interested in any of the products in any of the Fab bags then you can buy those from their official website. They have given some discounts on them.

So, in this month’s bag, I received 2 full sized products and the rest 3 products were worth trying. I am quite happy with the bag and the contents for 599 rupees. If I count the bag too then this becomes a total of 6 products that you get for 599 rupees. So, if the bag had interested you, I will recommend it girls as the products that are there in this month’s bag or the previous bag were good. I like the deal and the surprise factor. If you subscribe for more months then you can also expect some good discount. You can register yourself and subscribe for Fab bag  http://www.fabbag.com/women.html

PR Sample: My views are honest as always!!
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  1. You havr got nice products.. I'm still waiting for mine :)

  2. we pretty much got same products, that lipstick and lash curler are my fav :)


  3. Hey we got the same products, same pinch :)

  4. I liked the fran wilson lipsticks.. love how quirky the color of your lippie is :)

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