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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Avon Cherish Eau De Parfum Review

Avon Cherish Eau De Parfum Review

Hi everyone! Once can’t be fully ready unless he/she wears a nice fragrance. I will review Avon Cherish Eau De Parfum today. This perfume is a new launch By Avon India. I still love their Little Gild dress, very my kinda scent that is. I personally like fruity, floral and sweet smelling perfumes. This is why I recently added 3 more perfumes in my perfume collection, which I will be reviewing soon. 

Price of Avon Cherish Eau De Parfum: This comes for 1499 Rupees for 50 ml.

Experience with Avon Cherish Eau De Parfum

Cherish impressed me with it’s beautiful packaging, that really looks nice sitting on the vanity top. I like that Avon perfumes are really affordable and comes with cute packaging.The bottle has an interesting design as you can see in the pictures. This adds a nice look to the vanity top but I can’t carry this in my bag as the cap gives it a decorative feel but doesn’t cover the spray nozzle. And if it is carried in a bag without the outer carton, then the chances of leakage would be there.

Cherish is one word can be termed as an exotic floral musky fragrance. When I sprayed it is over powered with strong cherry blossom notes after which the musky notes and jasmine flower notes take over. After few minutes, it settle downs to subtle musky and sandalwood notes.

It’s a very soft and subtle everyday fragrance which can be used for office. I find the seamless amalgamation of musky, sandalwood and floral notes to be very soothing, sweet and warm.
It stays on me for around 4 hours hence reapplication during the day is needed. May be on some of you the fragrance will last even longer it actually depends how the perfume reacts with the skin. 

Pros of Avon Cherish Eau De Parfum
Price is good
Packaging is beautiful
Pump and everything works fine
It lasts for 4 hours approx on me
I loved the soft sweet musky, sandalwood notes mixed with floral notes.
Great for everyday use. 

Cons of Avon Cherish Eau De Parfum
Packaging could be more practical as carrying it in a bag can lead to wastage if it is taken without the outer box.
Availability is through Avon Representatives or online if you can find. I think Avon products are available on ebay.in

Rating: 4 out of 5

Those of you who love sweet floral musky fragrances for daily use should try this, I am sure this will fit perfectly for your liking.

PR Sample: My views are unbiased as always!!
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