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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Envy 1000 Force Deodorant Spray Review, Price

Envy 1000 Force Deodorant Spray Review, Price

Hi everyone!
I will review Envy 1000 Force Deodorant Spray. I have never tried these does but when recently these samples were sent, I was pretty impressed with these perfumed body sprays. They are available in so many variants and I have this green once called Force.

Price of Envy 1000 Force Deodorant Spray: This is for 180 Rupees for 115 ml bottle. 

Claims: Make your every morning charged, confident with Envy Force Deodorant. It has a masculine fragrance with long lasting power. A small amount is enough for a great smell. It gives you a total thousand sprays, which is quite amazing. Envy Force Deodorant gives you pure fragrance without any gas.

Experience with of Envy 1000 Force Deodorant Spray
This deodorant spray comes in the regular bottle like the other deodorant sprays have. The bottle is quite heavy and filled with the perfumed liquid with no gas so, in comparisons with those deos with gas, this bottle is very heavy and once sprayed, a pure liquid is sprayed with no signs of any air or anything.
Before telling you more about the smell and other things, let me tell you something. I have noticed one thing with these perfumed body sprays that these are far more economical than the regular gas based deodorants. As Even if it is used as 3-4 sprays in a single time then too, it’s going to last for 2 months or more or less than that but the other gas based deodorants will finish within a month. The other thing was the lasting power. The fragrance for this will last longer than the other deodorants and give some perfume like smell as well. 

Okay, so now, let me tell you about the fragrance. It’s a masculine fragrance and has a touch of smokeyness and slight woodyness. On the body this lasts for around 4-5 hours and that actually varies on clothes it will last for 7-8 hours and even after a day the smell can be detectable.
For just rupees 180, I think it is total value for money. 

In fact, I have bought the one in red color as well called fiery. I have given this to my brother, who is the one who is using this. There isn’t any skin allergies etc while this Envy 1000 Force Deodorant Spray is being used by my brother.

Pros of Envy 1000 Force Deodorant Spray
Price is good
Available in multiple variants
Packaging and pump works well
Lasts for around 6-7 hours
It has this fresh masculine fragrance with woody and smokey notes

Cons of Envy 1000 Force Deodorant Spray
There are no cons the only thing can be the fragrance as everyone has their own liking for that so that can be a bit personal therefore try the other variants and pick the one that you like.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
PR Sample: My views are unbiased as always!!
Niesha Jeenwal

I am Niesha, Editor of Indian Beauty Forever, a Science graduate turned Beauty Blogger from New Delhi who's blogging for more than 3.5 years and loves everything related to Makeup & Beauty.

Envy 1000 Force Deodorant Spray Review, Price Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 3:37 pm Rating: 5 Envy 1000 Force Deodorant Spray Review, Price Hi everyone! I will review Envy 1000 Force Deodorant Spray. I have never tried these do...


  1. This sounds really good for the price!

  2. wow.. this lasts really long.. tnx for the review dear.. m always on a lookout for long lasting perfume/ deos.

  3. Currently loving it :) I know its for men but still I love it

  4. I love deos that last longer and this one sounds good, Nice review Niesha :)


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