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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Barever Natural hair Inhibitor Review, Price, How to use

Barever Natural hair Inhibitor

Hi everyone!
Waxing can be painful, laser hair treatments are expensive, other methods only give results for a day or two. So, what should we do to get hair less skin. I got such a product which claims to inhibit the hair growth naturally. I will review Barever Natural hair inhibitor. This product claims to inhibit and slow down the hair growth in a natural way so that you get a smoother skin.

Price: This is for 1100 Rupees though you can get this for discount at flipkart
Experience with the product
The product comes in an easy to use pump packaging. It’s in a cream form and is slightly greasy. It will get absorbed into the skin with some massaging.

The product helps to reduce the density and thickness of the hair and gradually the hair will be hardly noticeable. To get the benefits of this hair inhibitor, you will have to use this with in conjunction with the other hair removal methods so that it gives the best results.

I have used it for 3 months after the waxing session and seen that the product has made the growth of the hair less and the thickness is also reduces, my natural hair are quite thick which is why they used to be visible but as it has reduce their thickness I am liking it. I have used this on my legs where the hairs were very thick. 

When we wax the hair follicle is completely removed and while the new hair follicle is at the anagen phase of growth then this hair inhibitor will work to decrease the thickness first and gradually with regular usage after the waxing and other hair removal methods from the roots, this will stop the hair growth. Now, I am waiting for the hair to get completely stop growing.

I think it is a good product considering that it isn’t as expensive like the way laser hair removal or the monthly waxing sessions can be. But can still be expensive for some of you so that is something that totally depends on you. Just a coin sized amount is enough for the entire leg. It is slightly greasy so good for dry skin. Till the time I have used it has not caused any irritation on my skin thus good for sensitive skin as well.

Rating 3.75 out of 5

It is paraben free and is made up of natural spring water. I liked this product and it does what it should do and as it claims. It will not cause any irritation on the skin and can be used on face, underarm, hands, legs, back, upper lips & bikini line though I have used it on my legs and hands only but if you have oily skin, I will not recommend using this product on the face since that can lead to acne, I can feel this as the texture is greasy though if you wish you can try. Men too can try this product. Try this at least 2-3 times so that it can show some results as everyone’s body and hair follicles are different especially people like me who have thick hair. 
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Barever Natural hair Inhibitor Review, Price, How to use Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 5:42 pm Rating: 5 Barever Natural hair Inhibitor Hi everyone! Waxing can be painful, laser hair treatments are expensive, other methods only give resul...


  1. Thanks for the review Niesha! How does it compare to the Braun Face epilator ?

    1. Hi dear, it actually works in conjunction with the hair removal methods by gradually decreasing the hair thickness while Braun epilator is a hair removing device that removes the hair from the roots and thus have to be used when needed but that will not alter the hair growth or thickness.

  2. I'm Tempted To Try It Out!
    Like You Said, I Too Will Be Using It Only on My Body Parts and Not on Face.


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