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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Plum Green Tea Mattyfying Moisturizer Review

Plum Green Tea Mattyfying Moisturizer Review

Hi everyone!!
I will review Plum green tea mattyfying moisturizer today. Choosing and finding an appropriate moisturizer for oily skin is a task since most of the creams and moisturizers are quite heavy and can be greasy for the oily combination skin. This is why mostly I will prefer serums for my oily combination skin. But after trying this Plum green tea mattyfying moisturizer, I have realized that there is another good option for oily skin types. Why am I saying that, Read on to know more:

Price of Plum green tea mattyfying moisturizer: This is for 450 rupees for 50 ml of the product.

By the way, Plum is an Indian brand which is different from a lot of other brands. It’s because Plum is a natural and herbal skin care brand which is against animal testing. Isn’t that good?

Brand Claims: Plum green tea mattyfying moisturizer has green tea extracts and glycolic acid which keeps the skin healthy and prevents the oxidative stress of the cells due to the free radicals since it has antioxidants found in green tea which helps to eliminate the free radicals. This moisturizer is silicone free and has non comedogenic ingredients.

Experience with Plum green tea mattyfying moisturizer
This Plum green tea mattyfying moisturizer comes in a white pump packaging with a transparent cap. Pump packs are hygienic are very easy to use and carry around while travelling. The moisturizer has a herbal kind of scent to it and has a feel as that of the serum which is translucent and watery. When I used it on my face it feels like a light moisturizer mixed with water, not greasy at all and gets completely absorbed in to the skin after few massaging stroke son the face. After the massage it takes around 10 second for this moisturiser to get dried and leave a matte yet hydrated skin. This is what I have always wanted in my face moisturizers that they should hydrate my face but should not be oily or greasy especially when summers will be approaching soon.

I noticed that even after a couple of hours my skin will not feel greasy due to this moisturiser but the regular oils that comes on the T zone that will show up. I have used this for more than a week and like that it has not break out my skin. If you remember I said that my skin is not in good state currently and at this time this Plum green tea mattyfying moisturizer has done good job in keeping my patchy and weird skin in a decent condition. The only thing I wish is its price which may not be suitable for everyone but if you don’t mind that I will recommend this moisturizer. 

Pros of Plum green tea mattifying moisturizer
Good packaging
Nice scent and not artificial
Has not break me out
Mattifies the skin very well
Gibes hydration yet gives a mattifying feel on the skin
Absorbs pretty quickly
Good for oily to combination skin
Non comedogenic formula
Green tea extracts are beneficial as they are rich in antioxidants

Cons of Plum green tea mattyfying moisturizer
Price may not be suitable for some

Rating: 4 out of 5
PR Sample: My views are unbiased as always!!
Niesha Jeenwal

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Plum Green Tea Mattyfying Moisturizer Review Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 3:50 pm Rating: 5 Plum Green Tea Mattyfying Moisturizer Review Hi everyone!! I will review Plum green tea matty...


  1. A mattifying moisturizer is what I need for my skin in summers, this sounds great and green tea as always is a boon for the skin.

  2. Even though I have combination skin moisturizer tend to turn very greasy on me.. but this sounds perfect :)

  3. Nice review. Looks Like a good product for summers.

  4. I'm Tempted To Try It Out After Reading Your Review!

  5. Nice review, really wanna try this out :)

  6. I love green tea and a green tea moisturizer will be perfect for my oil skin in summers. Love this product <3


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