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Monday, 26 January 2015

Fab Bag January 2015 Photos and Products

Fab Bag January 2015 Photos and Products

Hi everyone! Happy Republic Day!!
I am with my first Fab Bag of the year and it is filled up with goodies. January Fab Bag comes in a shining pink zipper bag and a very interesting thing. Guess what? I am talking about this mask which is quite pretty in Red. I loved it. Wore it and I am selfie ready. Just kiddin but not a bad idea. 

Fab Bag January 2015 Photos and Products
Fab Bag January 2015 Photos and Products

I just came to know that now they have come up with the Men’s Fab Bag editions as well. That is something exciting since men were mostly ignored when it comes to stuff like that.

Fab Bag January 2015 Photos
Fab Bag January 2015 Photos

Okay, so let see what’s inside the bag here. This month’s bag has 4 products and they are :
Seasoul Dead Sea facial Mud Mask
Now, this is something I am really looking forward to. I have heard a lot about the Dead Sea mud masks and how beneficial those masks are, therefore, I hope this will fare well. I will probably use this today. Let me know if you need a quick review on this.

Splurge daily moisturizer with Sun protection
This is a moisturiser with wheat germ, almond oil and Shea6 butter so it must be very hydrating but I will only use that on the body since it has wheat germ oil which has high comedogenic rating and as I already have acne prone skin. I better give it to my mum.  

Fab Bag January 2015 Photos and Products

Laqa & Co fat Lip pencil
I have never heard about this brand but swatched it. It turned out to be quite a nice color. No, please don’t think that after getting the entire Star Pure Reds collection by L’Oreal Paris my thirst for reds has quenched, no it hasn’t. At least not when I am still alive.

Bioderma Sensibio H20
This is a really useful sample. I was about to get Bioderma Miceller solution and here I have got the sample. Now, I can use it and decide if I really need the full sized one. Miceller solutions are mild makeup removers and I have one from Bottega De Lungavita. As these solutions have tiny lipids in the water thus they cleanse the makeup well without leaving skin oily as one may feel after using a bi phased makeup remover which are mostly targets extremely waterproof makeup.

Along with the mask, zipper bag and the products, there is a cute tiny booklet that has some helpful tips, an interesting self quiz and some product information. This tiny book was a good read.

I liked January month’s Fab Bag as for 599 rupees, I got some good samples which includes a face mask which I will definitely use, a lip color which is good, Bioderma sensibio which I in anyways wanted along with a moisturiser and a zipper pouch. Extra topping was that cute mask, so overall the bag was a great deal for money and the surprise which is free.

So, have you got your Fab bag dearies? if you haven’t subscribed you can do it HERE and also if you like any of the products and want to purchase, you may go to their website and avail some extra discount. You can also get the Fab Bag for as cheap as 399 rupees per month when you subscribe for 12 months.
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Fab Bag January 2015 Photos and Products Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 3:40 pm Rating: 5 Fab Bag January 2015 Photos and Products Hi everyone! Happy Republic Day!! I am with my first Fab Bag of the year and it is filled ...

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