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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Nivea Winter Essentials: 4 Products for Beating winters

Nivea Winter Essentials: Products for beating winters

Hi all!
Nivea has been a very popular and old brand with loads of products to offer. The Nivea cream in that blue pack still is the same and triggers so many memories. I will review these new improved products from Nivea that are must have for this winter especially when the winter is like the winters in Delhi, harsh, chilling and dry!
The Nivea products that I will be reviewing are Nivea Nourishing Body milk, Nivea soft cream, Nivea cream and Nivea Essential care Lip balm.
I have already done reviews on these products individually so will be just sharing quick experiences.

Nivea Nourishing Body Milk
Nivea Nourishing Body Milk is formulated for very dry skin. Its subtle gentle fragrance is soothing. The lotion gives adequate moisture and keeps skin softer for quite a long time. My feet are very dry and this body lotion is just ideal for treating my dry feet. Packaging is good and is very easy to carry around while travelling. The body milk is priced at 199 rupees for 200 ml. You can but it here at

Nivea soft cream
This is by far my one of the favourite skin creams. It makes the skin softer and hydrated and is very good for face. My brother uses this for his face and likes it. I use this cream when my skin doesn’t behave well, especially when I notice some dry patches on my cheeks in spite of my skin being oily. The Nivea soft cream is available in smaller packs that can be kept in the small purses and the bigger packs is priced at 230 rupees for 200 ml. Get this here from online. 

Nivea Cream
You may have used Nivea cream at some point of your life. I like its scent and the way it moisturises. It’s thick and stays on the skin for a lot longer. I have not used it for my face. My mum who has very dry skin does that some times but i use it for my hands as a hand cream though the cream is very versatile and multipurpose. It is good to be used for babies as well. I like that just a little bit of this cream is more than enough. I also use this to heal and nourish my cuticles at night. This cream is very inexpensive and the bigger pack comes for 200 Rupees for 200 ml.

Nivea Essential care lip balm
If you remember, I did a review on the Nivea Essential care lip balm recently and there I informed that I use this lip balm at night. I still do that and I will recommend it to all of you including the guys who like to keep those lips softer. It really does moisturize well and doesn’t get wiped off easily. This is good for using at night when you only need is some hydration.  The lip balm is priced at 100 Rupees. 

I think Nivea winter acre range is very good as the products are affordable, easily available online, in stores and can be used by the entire family. Their smaller sizes are also available at can be carried in a purse to be used later on in the day.
Niesha Jeenwal

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Nivea Winter Essentials: 4 Products for Beating winters Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 5:21 pm Rating: 5 Nivea Winter Essentials: Products for beating winters Hi all! Nivea has been a very popular and old brand with loads of products to...

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