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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Banjara Multani with Saffron face pack Review

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Today, I will review a very inexpensive product that works just fabulous. I am talking about Banjara Multani with saffron face pack. Earlier as well I have liked their Papaya face pack which at the price was great and now this saffron face pack is again a product that I will love to recommend you. Earlier I wasn’t sure on trying these Banjara face packs as they were extremely inexpensive but after the  banjara papaya face pack my views changed about these face packs. The face pack is actually in the powder form which is good since they are free from the preservatives, which could have been used of low quality.  But it’s good that it is in powder form and you will just have to mix it with some water or rose water to use it. 

Banjara Multani with Saffron face pack Review price
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The face pack as I said is very inexpensive for 40 rupees. I have seen these face packs are available at other than that I am not sure where you can get this from. The face pack comes in a red carton. Inside which the face pack is sealed in a plastic bag. You can either transfer it into some other container or just cut open the bag. Use it and then keep it back.

It has a fine powder which I think is of multani mitti and saffron extracts though I am skeptical whether it actually has saffron in it or just the saffron flavour or essence as saffron is quite costly and this face packs is only for 40 rupees, therefore, it is not convincing that the saffron face pack will come at that price. But in spite of that even if it contains saffron essence and just the multani mitti powder, I still like it for my oily combination skin.

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How to use this Banjara Multani and Saffron face pack
You can take a teaspoonful of this face pack and mix with some rose water or the milk or even the plain water to form a paste. Keep the paste consistency medium which will help applying it on the face properly.  
Once you have applied it on the face, wait for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off with plain water.

Results: I like this Banjara Saffron face pack as it takes off the dirt, impurities and excess oils from the face effectively. Skin looks radiant with no signs of excess oils. Multani mitti absorbs excess oil and saffron extracts helps skin lightening and fades away marks and pimples.
I like that these face packs are in powder form and are devoid of any chemicals. It smells good and doesn’t cause any irritation.
Rating: 4.5 put of 5 (-0.5 for the uncertainty about the presence of saffron)

Take: Banjara Multani and Saffron face pack is an easy to use face pack that is suitable for all skin types. It makes skin radiant and glowing, takes off the extra oils especially for oily to combination skin and fades away marks and pimples with regular usage. Do try it if you can get hold of these face packs.
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Banjara Multani with Saffron face pack Review Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 11:40 pm Rating: 5 Hi everyone! Today, I will review a very inexpensive product that works just fabulous. I am tal...

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  1. This sounds really wonderful! It's always nice when affordable products work well.


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