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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Idea of Beauty, some skin secrets and CONTEST by ZA

My idea of Beauty, some skin secrets and CONTEST by ZA
"Beauty lies is in the eyes of beholder." I believe that the beauty should be inside out. Just a pretty face is useless unless you have a good heart to go with it! 
Having said that it's not a crime if you want to look better. Appropriate grooming and care can give you that extra confidence in a world where people mostly judge someone by their looks. Looking your best should be the key rather than trying too hard to be someone else. Beauty starts with a beautiful skin.

Your skin plays an important role as in how you look. Having great skin can be achieved by two ways either you are lucky enough have great genes for your flawless skin and if you don’t you got to do some extra work for that JLO glow on your skin. Finding a good skin care regimen is crucial or can be said as the vital point in your journey towards getting a good skin.

Your skin can be oily, dry, normal, sensitive or combination.

To make it simpler, during the day time go for a Cleanser, toner, moisturiser and a sunscreen.

Now, all these 4 products can be chosen as per the skin type like if you have oily skin try using a cleanser that should remove the oils but should not make it stretchy. A toner that is light and alcohol free, a moisturizer which is water based and light to get absorbed completely and the sunscreen that should not make you greasy.  I like to use Za True white foaming cleanser and Za true white day cream which isn’t greasy for my combination skin.

Reverse goes for the dry skin a cleanser or face wash that should be creamy and hydrate your face, a toner again alcohol free and a moisturiser that should provide adequate moisture to the dry skin followed by a sunscreen.

For the Night time, the routine can be with cleanser, toner, and night cream. If you wish you can use a serum before the night cream as an added step and once you have crossed your mid twenties then Night cream should have anti aging properties.

Apart from the daily day and night skin care regimen, there are certain extra steps that are MUST like exfoliation. Whether you use a homemade exfoliator or a readymade one. Use them at least twice a week or depending on your skin type and texture adjust the frequency.

Then comes the face packs. I find them vital just like the exfoliation. They give that extra pampering to the skin. Try using face packs and masks twice or thrice a week. Your skin will thank you!

When your skin is good, you feel good and lesser makeup is needed eventually skin can breath and remains healthy and radiant. Don’t forget to amp up your water intake.

Now that know about some of the beauty secrets. I have an exciting contest for you.

Just answer this simple question and win Za by Shishedo products.

** 2 winners will be selected by

** Contest is only for Indian residents

** Prizes sponsored by Za India
** Contest lasts for a week

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Idea of Beauty, some skin secrets and CONTEST by ZA Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 3:51 pm Rating: 5 My idea of Beauty, some skin secrets and CONTEST by ZA "Beauty lies is in the eyes of beholder." I believe that the beauty sh...


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