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Friday, 16 May 2014

Simple Quick Makeup look with two different hairstyles

Simple quick Makeup look with two different hairstyles 
Hi everyone!!
How are you all? It’s been really long since I've shared a makeup look. the look I am sharing today is actually a very easy and simple makeup look which I have paired up with two different hairstyles. It's just the basic makeup which can be day appropriate, for beginners or for someone who likes it quick and simple.

Simple Quick Makeup look with two different hairstyles
This is the first time, I suppose, I am sharing hairstyles as I am someone who would just let her hair loose and that’s it though occasionally, I will go for curling or straightening. Anyways. In the makeup look. I started with my Pond’s BB cream since this is the day time look and for the day time, I normally skip the foundations and stick to the BB creams or the tinted moisturizers. 
I dotted the BB cream all over my face. With the help of a flat top brush I buffed that into my skin though you can use your fingers if you like. I also used the same BB cream on my eyelids to get rid of any pigmentation or redness and also under the eyes. Use concealers, if you' have heavy dark circles. After this, I used my favorite Compact from Revlon, which is really amazing for my combination/oily skin.
Simple Quick Makeup look

Simple Quick Makeup look

Simple Quick Makeup look

Moving on to the eyes. I used a medium brown eye shadow (and my most used color) on the lids using a blending brush just for a subtle wash of color, adding some more on the crease to define it though in the pictures, the crease shadow doesn’t show up. Sigh!
I lined my eyes using Essence gel eyeliner. Somehow, I feel that it’s creamier than the Maybelline ones and hasn’t dried yet. honestly, I like it more than the maybelline ones now, due to their creaminess! If you find one, I would recommend you to try them out. they are cheaper then the Maybelline ones.
Eyeliner's done, then, I used my most used mascara which is Avon Extreme Extend. I love that mascara. 

Simple Quick Makeup look with two different hairstyles
I contoured my cheekbones very slightly using Sleek face contour kit in Light. And whatever was left on the angled contouring brush, I swiped it over the top of my forehead.
I did a detailed post on Contouring You can read that below:

Taking my MUA Fashionista blush in Blush I gently swiped it over my cheeks.
For the Lips, I have used Lakme Absolute Gloss Stylist Lip Gloss in Coral Sunset. I have started using it. so, review would be up by next week.
After the wash, I let my hair air dried, which is my most preferred method rather than using blow dryers. Once they were dry. I used Matrix Biolage Serum to help detangle my hair without much breakage. After which I applied Enliven hair mousse to give some texture to my hair as they are silky and curls don’t hold up for long!
Once I was done applying the hair mousse, I put on my rollers and used a hair dryer to set the curls.
After about 15 minutes, I took the rollers and using a wide tooth brush combed my hair, separated the curls and I got the hairstyle No 1 which is wavy loose curls. I set the curls with a hairspray at last! 

Simple Quick Makeup look with two different hairstyles
Taking the mid section above my forehead, I decided to go for a Pouf. Therefore to give the pouf some height.  Backcombed the hairpieces at the back of the mid section and then pin them back pushing it gently forward ever so slightly and here I was done with the second hairstyle. There could have been a third hairstyle as well that you can get by making a low or high ponytail with the rest of the hair. The ponytail will look thicker as the hairs are curled making it perfect for someone who has thin hair.
So, this was my quick and easy makeup with easy to hairstyles.
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