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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

MUA makeup Academy Mascara Review and Eotds

MUA makeup Academy Mascara Review
Hey girls!
Eye makeup can’t be complete unless you go for those extra coats of mascara to transform the limp lashes into thicker curved strands that hold up the entire eye makeup look together. I am going to review Makeup Academy MUA Mascara today. I got this in my MUA haul and still there are couple of products left to be reviewed.

MUA makeup Academy Mascara Review price and swatches
MUA makeup Academy Mascara Review

The mascara comes in a black tube that resembles like the faces Canada mascara or the Clinique mascara that I had used long ago. The wand is straight with spirally arranged bristles that are dense enough. The mascara isn’t a jet black as I thought it would be though I saw that it has tiny fibers in it. Those are there to give the lashes lengthening effect by clinging to the lashes.

I find this mascara to be very dry as in when I apply, there is very less product that is being transferred on the lashes and even after coating the lashes for a couple of times, I could not see much difference. To me, it was like using a mascara that has slightly curved the lashes and made them slightly thicker and that’s it!   
Lengthening is not that visible as the product itself if very dry which is also the reason that the fibers aren’t sticking properly to the lashes. 

MUA makeup Academy Mascara Review, prices
MUA makeup Academy Mascara Review

MUA makeup Academy Mascara Review

In the before and after pictures you can see, it did an average job. I would use this when I am not feeling like going for heavily coated lashes or just the minimal effect on my lashes as if  haven't used anything!
It was a miss for me though not completely as it can be used when I don’t want my mascara to be very obvious which it can be really good at. I mean you apply this it will slightly give the effect without displaying the signs of any mascara application.
Even though it wasn’t as per my expectation, I would still not dislike it that much since it was only for a pound but if you’re getting it from their official website. On Indian website, it is priced at around 500 bucks which is ridicules and I will suggest you not to buy it! Go for any other mascara like the ones from Maybelline.

If you are looking for a cheaper mascara I will recommend using Maybelline hypercurl which does everything you need from a mascara at an inexpensive price!

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Take: MUA Mascara is an average mascara that is very dry and incapable of coating the lashes properly and due to the dry formula the fibers in it which are supposed to give you lengthier lashes miserably fail. On the flip side, It can be used on the days when you don’t need too much of mascara. I will not recommend it!
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MUA makeup Academy Mascara Review and Eotds Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 8:00 am Rating: 5 MUA makeup Academy Mascara Review Hey girls! Eye makeup can’t be complete unless you go for those extra coats of mascara to transform...

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