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Saturday, 17 May 2014

MABH Fast growth Hair Oil Review

MABH Hair Oil Review
Hi everyone!
I will review hair oil in this post. Months ago, when it was still winters in Delhi, I was given this sample of MABH hair oil. If you’re wondering what MABH really is? It is Makeup and beauty Home. It’s a blog that is owned my one of my friends, Lancy who has now started selling her own home made herbal hair oil and she has send me sample for this oil around 3 months ago. Now I can say that this is the longest time, I have taken to review and test a product. Actually, I have tested the product within the first few weeks only but since I really wanted to know how the product fares after that, it took me really long to finally publish the review.
MABH Fast growth Hair Oil Review

When I received the product, Honestly, I was not much impressed with the packaging and the smell. Packaging, I can ignore, if the product is good and in anyways as I am not taking this out in public therefore, that’s fine with me! Even though I knew it’s a herbals preparation and there are no artificial ingredients or fragrances to mask the smell, I didn’t like the smell. By the smell itself, I could make out that it contains fenugreek (meethi), Mustard, Neem and coconut oil and it was meethi and mustatrd smell that was putting me off.

I went ahead and finally tried it when it was still in the semi solid state. I realized that after sometime the smell vanishes or I guess I got accustomed to it! I was glad that it was no longer an issue. I used it like I do with every oil. Massage it and leave it over night.
While washing my hair the next morning, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as difficult to get rid of as like most of the hair oils with Mustard oil in them. After my wash, all I can say that I was really impressed that it made my hair softer and shinier with a body to the lifeless ends due to which they appear healthier and voluminous. Most importantly, there was lesser hair fall. I know, I say this lot that rarely hair fall can be controlled with oils rather is controlled by the diet, stress levels, hereditary, dandruff, prolonged illness etc.
But here to my surprise, it has helped in that too. There has been a noticeable relief in the hair fall.

MABH Fast growth Hair Oil Review

MABH Fast growth Hair Oil Review

MABH Fast growth Hair Oil Review

MABH Fast growth Hair Oil Review

Even if I keep that aside, the other things that this oil had done are pretty good for my normal wavy hair. I am not saying this for saying, but I mean it!
When something works for you, you just can’t stop raving about it! Same happened with me. I have used a lot of herbal hair oils and this is the one that I have liked a lot and would love to purchase.
I think that with regular use, it will also benefit the dry, rough hair and someone who’s fighting dandruff. Can't say about the fast growth since my hair naturally grows really fast, so, It won't be good to give the credit unless I am really sure of.
The only thing I wanted to know what all ingredients are in there as the label lacks all those details.
I wish the price could have been a little lesser as it’s a 100 ml bottle for 400 bucks.
You can buy it from craftsvilla here
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Makes hair smoother, shinier and softer
Lesser tangles
Lesser hair breakage
Easy to wash
Helps clear dandruff
Gives body to the hair

Ingredients list

Rating: 4.25 out of 5

Take: I would say if you don’t mind the price and have been looking for a good hair oil, then this is it. I loved this oil.
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MABH Fast growth Hair Oil Review Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 10:58 pm Rating: 5 MABH Hair Oil Review Hi everyone! I will review hair oil in this post. Months ago, when it was still winters in Delhi, I was given thi...

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