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Friday, 2 May 2014

Chambor Silk Touch lipstick Silk Pixation Review

Post by Priyanka
Chambor Silk Touch lipstick Silk Pixation Review 
Hey there!
There’s nothing scarier about a mom on the warpath. When my mom gets angry at me, I feel that it’s best to disappear from her sight and come back with a peace offering before sun down. This lipstick is one such peace offering that I had to purchase due to my suicidal tendency of poking a sleeping dragon. *sigh*. Anyway, this lipstick is a very office appropriate shade and many may find it akin to an MLBB shade. Read on to see how this product fares on other parameters.
Price: Chambor Silk Touch lipsticks are priced at 575 INR in India for 4.5 gms

Chambor Silk Touch lipstick in Silk Pixation
Claims: Chambor’s Silk Touch Lipsticks offer a splash of color and a kiss of silk.  The Classic Silk Touch in a dreamy avatar that dresses your lips with an array of looks: from daring to delicate, innocent to sexy for all moods and for all occasions.
New Improved Formula
Sun Protection

My take on the product: Let me start by saying that please don’t be so afraid of the skin swatches of this lip colour. Even though this lipstick is pretty intensely brown when layered it can be toned down for a more subtle look. Once layered this shade is a very intense plum-brown that looks gorgeous on dusky skin tones but fairer beauties might find this a little overwhelming. But thankfully, pigmentation needs to be built up in this lip colour so one can tone it down or amp it up, at will. 

Chambor Silk Touch lipstick in Silk Pixation

This lipstick has a very emollient formula that is moisturizing and has a very beautiful vanilla fragrance. Those averse to scented cosmetics may find it a bit overwhelming, but it disappears in about 2-3 minutes of application.
Due to its emollient formula the lipstick never settles into fine lines despite multiple layers, but it does transfer a lot due to the same reason. It’s longevity is also a mere 2-3 hours, at best. 

Chambor Silk Touch lipstick in Silk Pixation

Chambor Silk Touch lipstick in Silk Pixation

The lipstick bullet is built in a very weird shape that is supposed to “cup your lips” to ensure ease of application, but it really is a bit of hassle. Nevertheless, the bullet flattens itself out in a few uses so this issue sorts itself out with a little bit of intelligence.

Pros of Chambor Silk Touch lipstick
Sturdy travel safe packaging
MLBB shade for many
Emollient texture ensures moisturization
Fades evenly
Claims to have SPF
Does not settle into fine lines
Smells divine
Easily availability

Cons of Chambor Silk Touch lipstick
Presence of many chemicals
Low staying power
Presence of only sober colours in the range
Hard to locate the shade you want if you own a number of these little devils
Anti aging claim is unverifiable
The lipstick bullet is kind of odd and makes application a little inconvenient

Rating: 3.25 out of 5

Will I repurchase?
Maybe, in another colour for mom but I certainly won’t buy another colour from this range! 
Will I recommend to friends?
Only if they are looking for “office appropriate” lip colours! 

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