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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Sleek Face Contour Kit Light Review and Photos

Sleek Face Contour Kit Light Review and Photos 
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This review has been pending since a long time. I am taking about Sleek Face contour kit. Face contouring can be referred as a step extra in makeup considering that most of us go with the regular foundation, eye makeup, lipstick, blush and that’s it. But this extra step of contouring can be an incredible step to give dimension to your face especially in photographs.

Sleek Face Contour Kit Light

This Sleek Face contouring kit is priced at around $11.99 and is sold in three shades light, medium and dark. I bought the light one for me.
The kit comes in a study sleek matte black packaging that has two pans inside, a contouring power and a highlighting powder with a mirror on the inside of the flip top panel.
The contouring powder looks quite dark in the pan but this shade “light” will go with Fair Indian skin tones very well. Once blended on the skin the contouring powder will not look muddy at all. I had this problem that while contouring my skin used to look muddy. The problem has been solved with this sleek kit. “Light” seems to be a perfect match for my skin tone. It contours without being too obvious in person though for photographs you can take the liberty to go tad dark for chiseled and prominent cheekbones.

Sleek Face Contour Kit Light

Sleek Face Contour Kit Light

Sleek Face Contour Kit Light

Apart from the cheekbones, the contouring powder can also be used to contour the forehead and the nose. For forehead, you can gently use the powder with a light touch on the sides and below the hairline while for the nose, swiping with gentle strokes on the sides will do the job.

Contouring can easily give you chiseled features but the effects can be further accentuated by using highlighters. So, contouring and highlighting both can give a dramatic effect to your makeup. 

Sleek Face Contour Kit Light

Sleek Face Contour Kit Light
 I used this kit in the picture below, both the contouring powder and the highlighter. 

The highlighting powder that comes along in this kit is very fine and contains micro shimmers that will not be too obvious even in the day time. It is light weight and very easily blendable. Highlighters can be the easiest possible way to get an instant glow on the face.

Have a look at the swatches now:

Sleek Face Contour Kit Light

Sleek contouring kit, I would say has become my absolute favorite ever since I bought it along with the Sleek blush in coral.

Pros of Sleek Face Contouring kit 
Has contouring and highlighting powder
Both the powders are light weight
Very easily blendable
Mirror in the kit
Sleek packaging

Cons of Sleek Face Contouring kit

Rating: 5 out of 5

Take:  Sleek face contouring kit is a great product that has a contouring powder and a highlighter, that can help give your face more dimensions. Its sleek packaging makes it travel friendly. Both the products are easy to blend and light weight.
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Sleek Face Contour Kit Light Review and Photos Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 8:30 pm Rating: 5 Sleek Face Contour Kit Light Review and Photos   Hi Girls! I am really struggling with the conne...

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