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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush in Creamy Cinnamon Review and Swatches

Post By Pooja Patel
Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush in Creamy Cinnamon 
Hello Everyone!
Today the product I’ll be talking about is my first blush which I purchased few months ago and it is from the Maybelline Cheeky Glow range in the shade Creamy Cinnamon. This range comes in 3 beautiful shades – Peachy Sweetie, Fresh Coral and Creamy Cinnamon the one which I have. As a beginner I wanted to try out each and every kind of basic makeup products so, when it came to blushes, I chose Maybelline Cheeky Glow range which attracted me instantly because of its affordable price (good for beginners).
Price: Rupees 250 for 7 grams

Brand Claims- Cheeky Glow Blush blends flawlessly with your skin to deliver a smooth, natural finish.
This ultra-light blush feels weightless on the skin and is easy to apply. The Cheeky Glow Blush is available in 3 fresh shades: Creamy Cinnamon, Fresh Coral and Peach Sweetie.
Here’s why you’ll love it:
• Has a silky smooth texture for an exquisite feel
• Fresh hues complement your natural skin color
• Gives your cheeks a luminous glow and natural finish
• Feels light on the skin
Packaging: Maybelline Cheeky Glow Range comes in plastic compact packaging and its base is of white plastic whereas its cover comes in transparent plastic. Packaging is travel friendly!

Experience with the product: I was very much prepared that I had to pick up a natural shade from Maybelline Blush Studio range. After asking for the shade in two stores I checked in third store where I finally got the shade (creamy cinnamon). This is a very natural pale brownish pink shade which would compliment almost all the skin types especially medium to dark skin tones. When you apply it on your cheeks it blends very gently on skin and it also contains little amount of shimmers which gives a healthy glow to the skin. Even though there are finely milled shimmers, it can be said as a matte formula which one can wear for office, day functions, night occasions etc.

Product Quality & Texture: Creamy Cinnamon might sound as if it comes in cream form but it is not a cream formula. It is a power blush only which fine shimmers in it. This product is not paraben free but has a very soft texture with an okay pigmentation. 

I wish pigmentation could have been better but at this price, it is really good to try and have.

Pros of Maybelline Cheeky Glow:
Natural looking color
Easy to blend
3 shades to choose from
Easily available
Travel friendly packaging
Would suit most of the Indian skin tones

Cons of Maybelline Cheeky Glow:
Little amount of shimmers (not as per my taste) though not too much
Not a paraben free formula
Pigmentation could have been a bit better

Rating:  4.5 out of 5

Final Take: My experience with Maybelline cheeky glow (creamy cinnamon) is good so far, no complaints. Very affordable and its quality is worth the price. I highly recommend this range and one should must try at least one. I hope Maybelline launches its cheeky bounce blush range soon in India ( As they are creamy and I love cream blushes more than the powder ones).
Niesha Jeenwal

I am Niesha, Editor of Indian Beauty Forever, a Science graduate turned Beauty Blogger from New Delhi who's blogging for more than 3.5 years and loves everything related to Makeup & Beauty.

Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush in Creamy Cinnamon Review and Swatches Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 8:37 pm Rating: 5 Post By Pooja Patel Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush in Creamy Cinnamon   Hello Everyone! Today ...

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