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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Grey Eye Makeup Step by Step Tutorial and Fotd

Grey Eye Makeup Step by Step Tutorial
Hi Everyone!!
With Holi just a day away, I was thinking we have makeup for all the festivals, Diwali, Navratas, weddings, cocktails, birthday, date night, casuals hangouts but Holi is one festival where you would do exactly the opposite. Seriously, you'll wear, first something outdated, oily hair which otherwise you won't even think of going out after you have oiled your hair. Eh! Now, whatsoever, Today is Sunday and it's a day to share an eye makeup look, now that wasn't a surprise, Was it? C'mon it has become a weekly feature now. :D

I will share this look which was actually requested by a sweet girl and I was being sent a photo that was not that clear, Due to which, I could only make out the greyish white on the lids and black on the outer corner, rest I did as per my choice. 
Here's the tutorial for that.

Step 1: I started with filling my brows and applying eyeshadow primer as usual.
Step 2: I then used my white pencil from Deborah Milano on my eyelids, it will serve as a base for the eye shadow that will be resting on it peacefully afterwards.
Step 3: I blended the pencil marks and evened it out on the lids, though it needn't to be perfect but good to blend well else patchiness can be visible. I use my ring finger to blend since it not only has the lightest pressure but actually you will find that, blending with it, is far more easier than the index and middle finger. Try yourself and notice that it really does.
Step 4: I then used the silver shade from Revlon Colorstay shadowlinks on the eyelids and up till the brow bone.
Step 5: I placed a matte black on the inner corner, as a guide you can say!
Step 6: Then taking some more black on the tapered blending brush, I Just blended the black on the crease.
Step 7: Now, the black is blended but looks quite light, therefore I took some more on the blending brush and applied on the same area again. You can always touch up or add some extra color if you wish!
Step 8: I used black kohl on the waterline and some matte black on the lower lid.
Step 9: I added some more black as It was bit lighter for my liking, In the final picture, I have added a very thin line of matte grey eye shadow close to my lash line.

With multiple coats of mascara, I was done!!

For the face makeup, I used Pond's BB cream. Using the Sleek's contour kit, I gently contoured nose, cheekbones and jawline. For the blush, I kept it subtle, so used MUA blush in Blush with some highlighter that adds a subtle glow to the skin.
On my lips, I am wearing, Rimmel Apocalips in Aurora.

By the way, someone is playing really loud music and the song is Kamli from Dhoom 3, that also happens to be one of my current favorites. I still remember, while I was watching the movie, I was mesmerized and awestruck by her performance. I was admiring her more than the other guys around, I guess, may be because of the choreography. Brilliant that was!!
On that musical note, Enjoy the festival and play safe!
Niesha Jeenwal

I am Niesha, Editor of Indian Beauty Forever, a Science graduate turned Beauty Blogger from New Delhi who's blogging for more than 3.5 years and loves everything related to Makeup & Beauty.

Grey Eye Makeup Step by Step Tutorial and Fotd Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 2:40 pm Rating: 5 Grey Eye Makeup Step by Step Tutorial Hi Everyone!! With Holi just a day away, I was thinking we have makeup for all the festivals, Diwal...

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