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Friday, 28 March 2014

7 Things to do before you go to Sleep

Things to do before you have your beauty sleep
Are you aware that while you are asleep, your body and skin rejuvenate? It’s that time when you are stress free, relaxed and your body takes rest. In addition,  7-8 hours sleep is considered good for your skin. It also prevents those dreaded dark circles. How about going for that beauty sleep well armed so, that you get maximum out of your beauty sleep and wake up pretty. Here we'll be sharing 7 tips or things that you should do to have a great skin, luscious lips, brightened eyes and much more.
So here they are:

1. Satin pillow case: Sleeping on cotton pillows or pillows made up of any other fabric can cause your hair more prone to tangles whereas sleeping on a satin pillow makes your hair shiny and with lesser tangles. Do check, when you go to bed today!

2. Sleep on your back: It’s been said that sleeping on your back is not only good for your back but also lesser wrinkles are formed over the years as compared to sleeping on your sides. Sleeping on your back has also something to do with your breathing as in that position breathing is more relaxed while you’re asleep. Ignore the girl in the picture above though!

3. Moisturize/ night cream: Hydration is very important! Okay, you have heard it a lot of times. But it really is! Don’t forget to massage your face for a couple of minutes with an anti aging cream if you’re over 25, if not, then go for moisturizers or night creams suitable for your skin type.

4.Hydrate the lips: While soft and luscious lips are in, you really can’t afford to wake up with dry and chapped lips. So, better apply some lip balm. Colorless ones are better at the night time. You'll see your lips are moisturized and the lip colors would just glide on to them.

5. Under eye cream: Even if you’re in your sweet sixteen, don’t skip the under eye creams. Serums, gels or creamy formula, you decide as per the skin type but make sure you use it. 

6. Hand cream: Throughout the day, your hands are used countless times so, why not pamper them at night. Apply hand cream before going to bed to wake up with softer and smoother hands. 

7. Foot cream: Just like your hands, feet bear a lot, especially when you walk in heels most of the times. (Count  me in!) Use a good foot cream and massage your feet for at least 5 minutes. Feet tends to get dry So, your foot cream and little massaging session will give you two benefits: hydration and relaxation! It also makes to sleep tight! Try it and see yourself.

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